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The Caption to this Photo of Husbands Committing to ‘Wait’ with their Spouses has Touched Many


Hello good people, hope the week’s been good to you so far. Now, last week, I shared details about an event that was to happen on Sunday 24th – and it did. The event was for couples who are waiting wombs –that is wives and husbands who are dealing with infertility challenges, but are hopeful that they’ll become parents someday.

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I spoke to Hadassa Trip –founder of Waiting Wombs Trust and whose story I wrote here, and she told me that the event was successful. There are two photos she shared via @waitingwombsKE that particularly warmed my heart -and the hearts of many others too. See the caption of it below, as shared by Hadassa:

“Husbands committing to wait with their spouses”

Husbands committing to wait with their spouses

Many times, men are unwilling to share their experiences with regard to infertility in their relationships, and even more than that -we know of many women who have been abandoned by their husbands on account of their inability to bear children. So I found that that gesture by the husbands in that photo to be quite encouraging. Hadassa also shared another photo with the caption:

“The wives also committed to wait with their husbands. Marriages were restored. It was amazing!”

The wives also committed to wait with their husbands. Marriages were restored. It was amazing!

If you are dealing with infertility issues or know of a friend or couple who is, just know that you are not alone, there are many other couples in similar situations, and there is support for you. You can always get in touch with Hadassa through email: waitingwombs@gmail.com or through Facebook and Twitter. She will respond.

I’m actually glad to see so many women and men coming out today to speak about this very sensitive issue, which is going a long way in shattering some of the myths and misconceptions associated with infertility. The more we talk, the more we broaden our understanding of things, and the more we become less judgmental and condemning as a society. And the more we learn how to give thanks, and have faith in God.

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In previous years and decades, many women just suffered in silence, in loneliness, bearing the heavy physical, emotional and mental burden of being shamed, ridiculed and discriminated against because of their inability to have children. However, it’s a relief that that veil is gradually being lifted through the efforts of brave women like Hadassa and her supportive husband, and men such as those in the photo.

Patricia Atieno, during my interview with her.

You may also like to read this story that I published recently about Patricia:

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Hadassa and her husband Ken.

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