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“For Years, we Waited for a Baby” -Patrick Musembi’s Story


Have you been praying that God will give you a child? Has a pregnancy never happened at all, or have you suffered miscarriages? Well, today, I have an encouraging message from Patrick Musembi who shares what he and his wife went through. These are his words: 

“Let me encourage any man or woman out there. You may have waited on God for a baby of your own -the fruit of your womb. Don’t give up; trust in God; it may take long. Hold on to your faith. Don’t waver. It shall come to pass.

For 5 years we waited for baby (1997-2002). We prayed; we fasted; I almost had a room in Katoloni (a prayer centre in Machakos); we endured scorn; pressure from relatives. It was painful.

We lost a pregnancy in 1998 at week 13. Then another in 1999 at week 8. The pain was too much to bear.

Tests after tests confirmed a disease they called toxoplasmosis. The professor who detected it said it’s final; Mama may never carry baby to term. He was that blunt. I felt helpless and defeated. My wife wept. I reached out for napkins. The well built Professor rose from his seat to comfort her. I could only look up, not show my tears.

Three years later, this young man cutting my hair was born. Toxoplasmosis had to obey the voice of God. Where did you go for 9 months?

When God commands his creation, everything including, toxoplasmosis must obey. And so, Justin was born, 18 years ago! Praise be to God.”

You may also be interested in Mary Wanyoike’s testimony, where she tried getting pregnant for years, did many tests and procedures, saw different doctors, until it finally happened. She walks us through that journey in the video below.

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant, your weight and other factors could be standing in the way. See the helpful video below about what you can do:

I hope you’ve been encouraged by Patrick’s message. You can read more about toxoplasmosis.

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*Patrick’s message was shared with his permission.



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  1. Such stories are so heart wrenching.. but in the end whatever the disease or problem, it had to obey the voice of God. Such faith n resilience keeps my hope alive in God for his promises in my life.


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