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Of Making Banana Cakes and Coloring Books: Fun Activities for Kids at Home


Hi friends, hope you are keeping well. So, during this time, most of us have learned how to bake and more importantly, bake banana cakes. Myself included 🙂 Have you tried it out too? How has your experience been?

A piece of the banana cake my sons and I made.

So last Saturday, I informed my sons that I was going to bake a banana cake (for the umpteenth time), and they got all so excited and told me that they wanted to assist by mixing the ingredients. My work therefore would just be to do the measurements and place the cake in the oven. I obliged.

Doing this with them was lots of fun, of course with a couple of mishaps here and there, but I loved it. Next time, they’ll do it all by themselves. Below is the banana cake that my sons and I baked. How do you think we did?Emirates fly with meWhat I also know is that kids love watching other kids do stuff. It entertains, inspires them and educates them. In case you’d like your kids to watch another child make a banana cake, then watch this video together.

Coloring Books

Meanwhile, now that we can’t travel as much as we would like to, there are still lots of indoor activities that we can engage in together with our kids. Emirates has long been a good friend of mine (see this post about my trip to Dubai with my older son), and I’m happy to see that on their website they have put out lots of fun activities that can help keep the kids engaged during this time. My kids love coloring (they are 7 and 9 years) and I’m sure yours do too, so you can have a look at the 16-page colouring book that features Lewis the Lion, Peek U the Panda, Ernie the Penguin, Savannah the Elephant, Brett the Bear, Mia the Manta Ray and ChaoChao the alligator. You can download and print out for the kids to engage in the fun coloring activity.There are also some very colorful magazines on the website that you can also download. Each issue is filled with puzzles and games that are very exciting for the kids. My kids love them, and yours will most likely love them too.

Then, do we still do postcards? 😮 Well, I guess it’s a good idea to show your kids how ‘old school’ things are done by having them send a postcard to their cousins in the diaspora ?  Download the cute postcards on the Emirates website, or keep your most treasured snaps in a downloadable photo frame featuring the much-loved animals.So that’s much about it for today. Log in to the Emirates website here and check out all the fun activities for kids that your children would be happy about.

Otherwise what fun resources are you using to keep your children engaged? You can let me know and I’ll in turn share for the benefit of other parents as well. Thanks for reading.

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