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Ciru Muriuki: My Endometriosis Journey


Long ago, women never openly shared their experiences about their periods; whatever you went through, you went through it alone – or with your doctor if you were lucky. So if you had a problem, such as having extremely painful menses, you most likely didn’t know it was a problem and if you did, you didn’t know where to get help.

But today, we are having more conversations about periods -the goods, the bads and the in-between. These conversations are letting us know about the suffering that many women go through during ‘that time of the month’, and how we can help such women -our daughters, our sisters, our friends, colleagues, nieces, aunts, cousins….


Ciru Muriuki, a Kenyan journalist, is a woman who is openly talking about her menstruation experiences, and more so, how it has been decades of excruciating pain for her whenever her period comes by. She has a condition known as endometriosis. Watch her share her experiences in this video.

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If you know of a woman who also undergoes severe pain during her periods -to the extent that she misses work or doesn’t attend school, then let her know about a support group called Endometriosis Foundation of Kenya, which can be reached on email: endometriosis254@gmail.com or +254770 659689.

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