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“It Took Almost 9 years to Discover what was Ailing Me” -Elsie Wandera


Hi friends, today I’m re-sharing the sentiments of one of my friends – Elsie Wandera, who I have previously written about here. Read her message below.

“Hi, my name is Elsie Wandera-Odhiambo and I’m the Founder of the Endometriosis Foundation of Kenya. I’ve had 3 surgeries to-date since I was first diagnosed with #Endometriosis. I remember I was 26 years-old and it took almost 9 years to discover what was ailing me and give it a name.

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It always felt, and still feels like a punishment going through the hormone therapy, the pain medication every month. The first 8 months of my marriage has not been easy but I thank God for a supportive husband.

I think the worst is having to explain my condition to everyone to understand or even believe me. In 2014, I chose to #EndTheSilence and ensure my story was heard and represent the Kenyan women who suffer in silence. The Endometriosis Foundation of Kenya (EFK) was born through my pain… I say it’s all worth it because one day someone will find a cure and in the process I know many women feel that they are not alone as they read the other stories from the women in our support group.

I encourage women to share their endometriosis journey and use the hashtags #1in10 #SpreadTheYellow #EndTheSilence 




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