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“I’ve lost work opportunities because of period pain” -Veronica Gacheri Makhulo


Veronica Gacheri Makhulo began her periods as a pre-teen. Today, she is aged 34 years, and openly talks about her period experiences. Veronica’s menses have affected literally almost every aspect of her life. When in school, everybody would know when she was menstruating –from her fellow students to the matron, the teachers and even the headmistress.

At work, the script would be no different as all her colleagues, including bosses, would know when she was on her period. Veronica has even lost some work opportunities because of her menses.

Socially, she has missed friends’ and relatives’ weddings because of her periods. I had a chat with Veronica, where she talked more about her period journey.

Veronica has also authored a book ‘Blossom: From Girl to Woman’ which I loved reading not only because of how well it is written, but also because of the very helpful insights she shared from her experiences with periods. You can reach out to Veronica on +254 715 624 804 for your copy.

Watch my interview with Veronica in the video below.

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