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“Why I Created this Painting Depicting the Experiences of Women Facing Infertility Challenges” – Christine Nyairo


Hello friends, hope you had a great weekend. Now, I’m a member of the online group “Waiting Wombs” which was started by a lady I admire so much –Hadassa Trip, and who I’ve written about here: “Why are you Wasting your Husband?” Editah Trip Talks about her 7 Year Journey of Trying to Conceive

So now, there’s a time a member in the group shared a piece of her art work –a canvas painting depicting the reality of many women undergoing infertility challenges. It’s a piece that touched the hearts of many of the members.

I reached out to the artist –Christine Nyairo, seeking to know more about the inspiration behind that piece. Thankfully, Christine responded and today, I share that information with you.

TITLE: ‘’The Waiting Womb’’

MEDIUM: Acrylics on Canvas

Maryanne: Hi Christine. Tell us the the story behind this beautiful piece

Christine: Thanks Maryanne. This work was inspired by waiting experiences as shared by ladies on the Facebook group ‘Waiting Wombs’ (a support and encouragement forum for women and couples experiencing infertility challenges). The first thing I did after joining the community was to familiarize myself by reading all the posts. My heart was touched and broken at the same time. It was too much! I wanted to say something, a word of comfort perhaps, but no words could suffice.  Since joining the group, no day has passed without me thinking about these ladies.

’The Waiting Womb’ by Christine Nyairo

One day, as I was teaching my student, a thought came to me; to paint my thoughts and dedicate it to the founder of the group together with all the waiting wombs.

The painting is a representation of the waiting journey.  It has captured the bad and the ugly of waiting and the reward thereof. It is through the hourglass, that the chronology of waiting is captured.

The upper bulb of the hour glass is set on a dark background as if to show the darkest part of the night. The lady has been weighed down by waiting and is as sinking sand.

Her fallen countenance shows her state of hopelessness, disappointment, desperation, rejection, the stigma, unsolicited advice and in other cases, near death experiences.  She is broken bit by bit into pieces small enough to pass through the narrow neck into the second bulb. She does not know what is in store for her.

The dark gently blends into the brighter background just as the darkest of nights ushers a beautiful dawn. This is the setting against which the second bulb stands. Everything about it is lit. You see as the tiny pieces fall and settle, they form someone new.

Piece by piece the lady comes to life. Her morning has come. Her prayers have been answered. She is smiling again; her strength is renewed and she is full of hope. She is glowing; the fruit of her womb is growing. She sunk so she could be saved. She lost so she could gain. Nothing was in vain. After all she was not barren; she was a waiting womb.

The artist, Christine Nyairo

My prayer and wish is for all waiting ladies to be inspired to hold on to faith and hope for there is beauty in what people consider ashes.  Finally, I hope this painting will complement the efforts of the Waiting Wombs Trust in creating awareness.

Maryanne: Thank you Christine. That’s a deep and reflective piece!

If you’d like to contact Christine, you can do so via: tina.nyairo@gmail.com

Meanwhile, Waiting Wombs Trust is looking for counselors to help with some of their work. If you are one, or know of one who’d be willing to do so, please get in touch with Hadassa through the email hadassa@waitingwombstrust.org or waitingwombs@gmail.com

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Otherwise thanks for stopping by Mummy Tales and I wish you a blessed week ahead!

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