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List of Upcoming Events of Interest to Kenyan Moms

Photo courtesy: Still a Mum on Facebook

Hellos Mummy Tales-ers 🙂 , I hope your mid-week is good. I’ve come across some upcoming events that I’d like to share, since they could be of interest to you. You could also share with a friend who you know would be interested in attending any of them.

Organized by ‘Empower Mama Foundation’, the event will consist of reading stories, poems and songs and talks on maternal and child health and psychological and social bereavement support. Anyone who would like to sing a song, read a story/poem or remembrance, kindly send an email to info@empowermama.org indicating the same for proper planning.
Sometimes we don’t get to hold our babies in our arms. Other times we have them for just a short time. And then they are gone. But their memories stay with us forever. This event is parents who have lost their children. It is also for family members and friends to stand with the mums and dads as they remember their baby/babies. This event is organized by the organization ‘Still a Mum’

Helpful links for you:

Empower Mama Foundation

Still a Mum

If you have an upcoming event that you believe would be of interest to Kenyan moms, you can share it in the comments section below to create more awareness about it.

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