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Of Girlfriends and Another Birthday Party


Last Sunday, I attended a birthday party for a little boy who was turning 1. Sean is his name. Let me tell you how about Sean and his birthday.

Now, Sean’s mum is my pal and we used to hang out a lot together a few years ago, during mkondo wa mwisho. What is mkondo wa mwisho you ask? Mkondo wa mwisho is the year my girlfriends and I went all out painting the town red, for it was the year we turned 30. It was our last lap as twenty-something year olds, and being the ladies that we are, our big three-oh wasn’t gonna pass uncelebrated. We were not gonna turn 30 holding our chins in our hands wondering where our youth went and wallowing about it.

Every woman has her own way of turning 30 – some do so silently, some prefer to be in denial, while some do so wildly. Clearly you know what category my girls and I fall under. My pal Kobie and her gals are doing the mkondo wa mwisho round now, and I keep hearing her excitedly mention a trip to Coasto later this month. She keeps going on and on about how they’ll all be turning 30 this year in style, and I just can’t help but smile and cheer her on, largely because she reminds me of myself a couple of years ago. Madam Kobie and your girl crew –do have a blast as you close the twenty chapter.

So anyway, Mama Sean was part of my girl crew, and if there is someone who is good company, it is Mama Sean. She can really liven up a party with her witty humor and accompanying animated gestures. Now combine this with the likes of Emily, Alice, Irene, Jodes, Joan, Miriam, Anne and its just explosive. Kaboom!!

We spent Sean’s birthday reminiscing old times, how we used to ‘get down’, but how our bones seem to be failing us nowadays as any attempts to ‘get down’ finds us down on the floor –literally –and unable to get up unless assisted.

Meeennnn, did I have a good laugh or what? It was nice catching up with these ladies, and even better laughing at how we’ve ‘so aged’. There is nothing better I tell you than adding years onto your life, enjoying every minute of it and having a good laugh about it. And ofcourse, giving thanks to God for it all.

Truth be told, it had been a minute since I had that kind of fun –what with being a new mom and all.

Yeah, so that’s how last Sunday went.

Oh snap! Uuuummm, wasn’t this post was supposed to be about Sean and HIS birthday? Oh dear, happy birthday Sean! Hhmm, I guess then it’s true that one year old birthday parties are hardly ever about the baby, but the baby’s parents and their guests?



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  1. @SavvyKenya yes Sean did have fun though he kept wondering who these many LOUD women around him were 🙂
    @Tracy it’s comments like yours that keep me telling Mummy Tales stories…thanks.


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