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Remembering My Childhood Easter Holidays


It’s Easter, yaaaay!

How do you remember your Easter holidays as a kid?

For me, one of the clear memories I have is watching this movie on KBC about Jesus’ death and resurrection. I don’t remember it’s title, but it used to play on Good Friday and again on Easter Monday. Forget that KBC would play the same movie year in year out, but each time I watched it, it was as though I was watching it for the first time. The movie used to make me cry because I would feel so sorry for Jesus. I used to watch it with my two brothers and I would always try my best not to tear because they would mock me for not being ‘stunya’. But how could I not shed tears because surely those people really used to mistreat Jesus so much yet he was so good to them! What wrong did he ever do :( ?

Easter cross
Photo: dreamstime.com

Anyway, the other memory I have is of watching the KBC news bulletin and seeing people carry the cross and get beaten along the way –emulating what Jesus went through. I remember clearly that this used to happen in Phillipines and those people would have a crown of thorns on their head and their bodies would be so bloodied. Then after carrying the cross and being jeered along the way, they would be ‘crucified’ like Jesus. I never understood why they would go through that –even having their palms and feet pierced, just like Jesus. That pain why now? By the way, can somebody tell me if those guys used to be pierced for real ama it was just for show? Like the way I always thought WWF (wrestling) was for real until I later on (very disappointedly) got to learn that it was all an act.

And then, my childhood Easter was always synonymous with the Safari Rally, a.k.a Saffo!! Weuweeeee!

There was no Easter for us if there was no saffo. Ehh, si we used to look forward to the news bulletins (again) just to see our favorite racers. Akina Sheka Metta (sp), Bjorn Waldegard, Joginder Singh, Juha Kankunen, Hanu Micola (sp) and ofcourse Patrick Njiru and all the others I’ve forgotten. And then it always rained over Easter so I used to enjoy seeing how the drivers raced in those muddy pools, splashing dirty muddy water all over. It was during this season that we would go ahead to make our own Safari Rally cars, made from discarded milk packets, discarded Kimbo, Blue Band and Cowboy tins, with the more sophisticated cars made from wires and blada (can’t remember the English word for blada). And then the wheels of this cars would be made from old slippers. May I confess that I was an expert in making these toy cars :) ? Hehehe, I was a tomboy for sure. Blame it on growing up with two brothers. My sister was waaaay older than me so I never really got to be in her play group and play those girlie games.

Yeah, that’s how I remember my childhood Easters. What about you, how do you remember yours? And I wonder, how will our kids remember Easter? How will your kids remember Easter?

And as you celebrate Easter, remember to give thanks for the many blessings in your life: your family, friends, your health, life….

Easter Eggs
Photo: dreamstime.com

Have a lovely Easter and wish you God’s blessings.



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  1. You have taken me down memory lane….!
    We lived along Thika road and my dad would take us (we were all girls by then) to see the cars zoom by.Then we would make sure we bought Big G’s that had the cars of our favourite drivers.I chewed so much gum during Easter my jaws would lock just so I would have as many of those stickers as possible ..(sigh)
    Easter was so great then!
    And talk about those cars from milk cartons, I should contract you to make some for my 2 year old , I am tired of buying these toys that break apart after 2 days

    You have stirred up so much nostalgia…..

    Time for me to make Easter memories for my children.
    Happy Easter and keep writing.

  2. @Santina hehe, I remember those Big G’s with driver’s photos- i think the Big G’s were called Racers (any chewing gum was called a Big G). My mum never used to like us chewing gum so when she would check in, we would stick the over-chewed gum under the dining table, then remove it the following day and continue chewing until the gum eventually disappeared on its own as a result of being chewed too much 🙂
    About contracting me to make the toy cars….not a bad idea because Kitty is headed there so I better start taking out my tool box now… Thanks and keep reading. Happy Easter to you too.

  3. LOL@ blada and chewing old gum until it got all mooshy … bcos you’ve chewed it with soda, PatCo, KSLs, anything to prolong the poor gum’s flavor! Spot on kabisa! Kudos for taking me way back, Maryanne. Thoroughly enjoy your tales. 🙂


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