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House Helps in Kenya: My Nanny Cared for my Child With Special Needs


Hello friends and welcome back to Mummy Tales where I talk about issues motherhood. In today’s fourth article where I feature amazing house girls who have been great blessings in our homes, I share the experience of Janny Marangu, whose nanny helped take care of her two children -one of whom has Cerebral Palsy. Many times, mothers have a hard time getting nannies who are willing to work in a home that has a special needs child. Janny remembers Martha fondly. This is her story:

“Hi Maryanne. In 2015 I desperately needed a house help. I was a mother of two then; my 6-year-old daughter who has Cerebral Palsy and a 2-year-old. I remember speaking to a mama mboga just outside my house and letting her know that I was searching for a nanny. It took me close to two months to get a trustworthy house girl.

The mama mboga introduced me to a young lady called Martha, who was aged 21 years. Martha was at that time was employed in the neighbouring court but was searching for a better opportunity. We agreed that she was to talk to her employer first and serve her notice.

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By that time, I had already explained to Martha about my daughter’s condition and even took her to meet my girl. We had an open discussion where I made it clear that if she didn’t think she could take care of my daughter well, then it would be pointless for her to start work in my home. Martha did not have any issues with that, and soon joined our family.

Within a week of joining us, I helped her open a bank account where she could save, and also helped her register for NHIF.

She turned out to be a great employee and stayed with us until 2018 when she got pregnant and left to deliver when she was nine months pregnant. While expectant, I would undertake the difficult chores or other tasks that she wasn’t able to do well.

Martha delivered her baby at Pumwani Maternity Hospital via caesarean section and thankfully, NHIF paid her medical bill.

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I conceived my last born while Martha was with us, gave birth and she left when my baby was 2 years old.

We all miss Martha in our home. Our doors have always been open to her, and she still comes to visit us. My children love her baby very much. At some point I had taken her back together with her child, but that did not work out so we agreed that her baby grow a little bit then we will see what happens from there. Martha was, and still is part of our family and I cherish her for her great service.”

Thank you Janny for sharing your encouraging story. Have you ever had, or do you have a house girl whose experience in your home you would like to share? Email me on maryanne@mummytales.com

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