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My Son’s Penis Birth Defects: One Mum’s Story


Hello friends, today I’ll be featuring a mom whose son was born with a penile birth defect. But first -how do you know if your baby boy has a birth defect in his penis? What are you supposed to look out for? Can the condition be corrected? What are the treatment options? If surgery is needed, at what age should this be done? How many surgeries will be needed? Where can the repair surgery be done? Actually, most parents aren’t aware of this condition until their child is diagnosed with it. In this video, I talk to a Kenyan mother whose son was born with hypospadias. Learn more about this penile birth defect and what it takes to have it repaired, through Evalyne Gatheca’s personal experience.

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NB: This video is intended for educational and awareness purposes only, as narrated by one Kenyan mom’s personal experiences with her son’s condition. Please consult with your doctor or other healthcare professional for more information about hypospadias, undescended testes and chordee, or any other penile birth defect. 

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