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House Helps in Kenya: How my Nanny has Seen me Through my Worst

Caroline Kemei

On the topic of house Helps in Kenya, do you have that one house help who sorted you out in your time of need that you’ll never forget?

In the second article of #MyAwesomeHouseGirl series where I share stories of house girls who have come through for us when we needed them most, I feature the story of Caroline Jemutai Kemei. You can read the first article where I featured Tildah Kabura Kahuthu, whose house girl saved her from going into depression. Read that story here.

Today, I share the story of Caroline Kemei. Caroline is mother to a 5-year-old daughter.

“My house girl has been with us for three years. She has walked with me through the worst –literally. When I was diagnosed with some type of cancer on my thigh, I had to travel to India for treatment. In India, I stayed for seven weeks, where I also underwent surgery.

While in India, my house help took care of my daughter and our house, though my mother came to stay with them as well.

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After I returned home, the surgery had reduced me to zero since my hip bone had been removed. I couldn’t do anything for myself and my house girl basically did everything for me with a clean and genuine heart. She would help with bathing, clothing, cleaning my room and making sure I ate well. And when chemotherapy put me down, she was always there for me, seeing me through my most difficult times.

My treatment ended a few months ago and even though things are almost back to normal now, she continues to help me a lot because I still cannot bend. She truly is an angel.

I appreciate her in any way that I can. I usually buy her clothes and buy shopping for her mother back home in the village. I also opened a bank account for her. I thank God for her. She has been a blessing to me personally, and in my home as well.

My advice to Kenyan mothers is “take care of your house girls, and they will in turn take care of you and your family”.

Caroline concludes her story by describing her 23-year-old house help as a lady who is calm, kind, caring and understanding. She adds that she is very respectful and does her work without supervision”. -END.

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And that’s Caroline’s story. Do you have a house girl who has been such a blessing in your home and you’d like to share that encouraging story? You can write to me at maryanne@mummytales.com

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