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Meet Fashionable Mom Mercy Obiero and her Stylish Son Jack

Fashionista mom Mercy Obiero.

Don’t you just love it when you see fashionable people around you, and more so -fashionable moms with their babies? Well, today we feature the stylish duo of Mercy Obiero and her two-year old son Jack K. Junior. See my interview with her below.


Maryanne: How do you like to dress your son?

Mercy: I like to dress my son according to the occasion. If we’re just indoors I keep it simple, but once we hit the outdoors, I try to explore my fashion sense.

Maryanne: Do you consider him fashionable?

Mercy: Yes he is fashionable because at two years he is aware when of what nice outfits are. He always knows when I dress him nicely –with swag.


Maryanne: Where do you shop for your son’s outfits?  

Mercy: I buy his outfits from Toi market, Sunbeam, Gikomba and once in a while at Mr. Price.

Maryanne: Do you find it difficult to shop for boy’s clothes and shoes?

Mercy: At first I used to find it difficult to shop for him but once I identified a nice secondhand dealer it became easier for me. Shoes though are still a hustle because he outgrows them so fast! One thing I’d like to mention is that for good quality shoes for boys, you have to dig into your pocket a little deeper. Boys stuff doesn’t come cheap!


Maryanne: What advice would you give other mums about dressing their kids?

Mercy: Fellow mums, you don’t need to spend a lot for your kids to look stylish and fashionable. You can always get nice things around you, as long as you keep it simple and within your budget.

Maryanne: And you? What’s your fashion style?

Mercy: As for me I like to keep it simple but still fashionable.



And that’s Mercy’s fashion story. I love her son’s outfits and hers too! They look absolutely beautiful. And I love her flat tummy too :). What do you think of Mercy and her son’s style?

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