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Meet Runway Model Debbie Oyugi of Baby Shower Kenya



As a young entrepreneur, Debbie says keeping her business up and running has not been without challenges.

Here are Debbie’s 5 Business Tips on Startups:

  1. Resilience and persistence have to be part of your DNA when starting your business.  I am generally tenacious but my limits have been pushed hard, many times.
  2. Online business comes with its challenges. Kenyans have been victims of fraud and are hence very careful. Online sales take a lot more convincing.
  3. Choose your employees carefully. Unprofessional staff can end up messing a job big time.
  4. Start-ups are not easy and require a lot of sacrifice -physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I have discovered that with time, you learn to be your greatest motivator and cheer leader. You become your very own support system.
  5. For women who want to venture into business, I say: ‘Just do it. You can’t plan forever. Start where you are and grow.’






Debbie can be reached on +254 727 358875 or babyshowerkenya@gmail.com

You can also find her on Facebook: Baby Shower Kenya

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