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The Fashionable Kid: Leo Simiyu


Now, as I go out and about my usual business, I often come across some beautifully dressed kids and I’ve always thought to share some of their outfits on the blog. Today we feature Elizabeth, a young mum whose stylishly-dressed son I spotted, and who agreed to share a little bit about that.

MT: Tell us a Little About Yourself

EW: My name is Elizabeth Wafula, a wife and mother to Leo Kerre Simiyu who is 16 months old. I’m currently undertaking my Master’s degree in Nutrition at Kenyatta University. When I’m not busy with my studies, I spend the rest of the time at home with my son.

MT: Tell us about Your Son’s Dress Sense

EW: I consider myself a fashionable mum and so when it comes to dressing Leo, I love for him to be fashionable too. I enjoy experimenting and playing around with different colours to create a fashion statement for him. For example, this green and orange outfit looked bold and trendy.


I have come to realize that my son loves colours too, after taking note of how fascinated he usually is when he sees me in colourful outfits and jewelry. Sometimes he can’t keep his eyes off my nail polish! I love to dress Leo in the most trendy and fabulous outfits available and make sure he steps out with swag:)



MT: Where do you Buy Leo’s Clothes?

EW: I usually shop at Toi market and Sunu’s along Biashara Street.

MT: What Advice Would you Give to Fellow Moms about Dressing their Kids?

EW:Dress your kids according to how you want them to look. Don’t compete for a space that’s not yours. Remember that comfort matters.



So that’s Elizabeth’s style for her son. Which look do you like most of Leo?



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  1. Wow…Swaggerific. I loooooooove the very first look. Colour blocking and seeing such bright colors on a male – boy. This is not the usual conserved look that we see on males sticking to blues and browns. Bold move

  2. Baby Leo looking fashionable.

    I have some fashionable 16 months old twin daughters you may want to feature :-).

    • Twin daughters? Lovely! Do you dress them in similar outfits? My boys are not twins but I always ‘struggle’ to dress them in identical clothes (which they may not like me for as they grow older ;)). Yes please, we would love to feature them here. Email me on maryanne@mummytales.com

    • You know Ruth if I would have seen that bib at the shop, I would not have touched it as I would have assumed it’s for girls coz of the colors and the flowers. But now looking at Leo wearing it and how cool he looks, I think I would have missed out on something good 🙂

  3. Baby Leo got swag! Love the orange and green and those loafers. Handsome boy. Makes me miss my baby boy whom I loved to dress. He is soon turning 16 and wont let me choose his clothes. I don’t even get to dress my baby girl because her older sisters love to style her. Mama Leo is also beautiful and classy. Love the new look Maryanne. Great job!

    • Uhhmmm even me as a boy of 16 I wouldn’t want my mum to dress me hehe. Your older girls are little fashionistas I guess. You relax, let them take care of the little one. Thanks!


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