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The Fashionable Kids: Tyrell and Jason (and their dad)


Jackson ‘Meja’ Wanjohi is dad to two adorable boys, who grace our ‘Kids Fashion Style’ section today. Tyrell is 10 years old while his brother Jason is 7 years old.

MT: What is Your Boys’ Fashion Sense Like?

JW: My younger son is the one with swag and is very particular with his dressing and conscious about how he looks (this baffles me sometimes). His older brother on the other hand doesn’t really care, fashion is not his thing. As long as he’s well dressed, then he’s good to go!

MT: Do they ever get to Wear Matching Outfits?

JW: They don’t wear matching outfits (too much sibling rivalrly lol). Besides, they each have their own different personalities evidently displayed in their choice of outfits. Like I mentioned, the younger boy is quite particular about his look.

However, sometimes we all get to wear the same look, like this time when we all wore grey winter jackets and black pants.



MT: How is it raising them?

JW: Tyrell and Jason are good kids and I feel blessed to have them in my life. However, they are growing up so fast! So what I do is try to spend as much time as possible with them, while instilling good values in them. I want them to grow up to be responsible men. I treasure every moment I spend with them.

MT: Thanks Meja for sharing. Your boys are so handsome!

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