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The Fashionable Kids: Serena and Baraka


Mary Onguko-Wanyonyi is an IT professional and a mother of two: 7 year-old Serena and 4 year-old Baraka. Mary enjoys dressing up her kids and sometimes, they all have coordinated outfits. Here’s more about Mary and her family.

Serena and her brother Baraka on her 7th birthday.
Serena and her brother Baraka on her 7th birthday.
Mary and her kids.
Mary and her kids.
Mary and her husband Oscar.

Maryanne: You’re all dressed in some sort of yellow. Tell us about that.

MOW: On that day, we were celebrating Serena’s 7th birthday and decided to do a family shoot that would also involve her kid brother Baraka. We hadn’t done a photo shoot as a family since Baraka was born, so we decided to do it that day.

Maryanne: Why yellow and black?

MOW: Hmmm…. I had a yellow and black outfit that I had worn for one of my best friend’s wedding earlier on. I decided to wear the same outfit to my cousin’s wedding and so while shopping around for the kids attires which they would wear to my cousin’s wedding, I had the same colours in mind. Hubby on the other hand shopped for his own shirt since he believed that if I was to shop for his I would bring him a plain yellow shirt… trust me to do just that.

In addition, yellow is a fierce and sunny colour that signifies joy, happiness and energy… and that is what our Serena is.

On Serena’s first birthday.

Maryanne: Is coordinating outfits something you do all the time?

MOW: Yes and no. We mainly coordinate our outfits during occasions. We have done this for Serena’s birthdays, Baraka’s baptism and friends’ weddings.

Maryanne: How do you like your kids to dress?

MOW: I like their dressing to reflect their personality, the occasion and the weather -I try to strike a balance. Our daughter is much older now and loves to pick her own clothes. I however allow her to pick the same with a bit of direction. She’s the kind that can easily pick a strapless top on a rainy day :).

Our son is easy… just pick his clothes and he’ll put them on without any fuss.

Untitled-1Maryanne: Where do you shop for your kids clothes?

MOW: Various places. I’m not specific about where I shop since I love variety and price mix. I have in the past shopped online from Smart Baby (run by a former school mate), VV Boutique (also run by a former school mate), Toi Market and the exhibition shops along Taveta Road. I generally do not have a one stop shop.

Maryanne: What is the one piece of advice you’d like to share with moms when it comes to dressing their kids?

MOW: Dress your little ones for comfort, individual personality and fashion. My daughter loves bold colours and so I focus on pink, reds and yellows for her. Sometimes we dress alike!

mow3My boy on the other hand loves cars so his clothes have a variety of cartoon cars. These preferences may change with them over time. I however embrace them for the specific moment.

Comfort speaks for itself and fashion. I love fashionable cloth items that make them stand out -even if only for my fashion sense satisfaction. I love it when my kids look good.


mow-1Maryanne: Thanks Mary for sharing. You have such lovely babies!

So that’s about Mary. What outfit of her family do you love most? What do you think of the coordinated outfits? Do you do the same with your family?

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