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House Helps in Kenya: “How My Housegirl Confessed to Being Under the Attack of Evil Spirits.”


Hi moms, today, I want to share with you the story of one mom who wrote to me. The experience is a bit chilling. Here it goes: 

“Hi Maryanne, I’m a new mom to a four-month-old girl and I came home to a disturbing revelation yesterday that I hope you will share with fellow readers as my experience can help save someone.

When I got my house girl, I was lucky to find someone patient enough to look after my daughter. I had no qualms about her and I also liked how she was respectful to me, my hubby and all our visitors. I really can’t say that I had any major problem with her. That was until yesterday evening.

We were together in the kitchen preparing dinner when she said that she wanted to talk to me; that she was suffering and couldn’t hold it anymore. The first thing that came to my mind was that she wanted to leave. However, that was not it and what she confessed has left me in shock till now.

She said:

“Aunt, I’m not okay. I’ve been suffering from evil spirits and now they are too much for me to control.


Every night, a woman comes to me and starts talking to me, then in the middle of the night I hear voices in my bedroom of people talking and a baby crying.


I feel like I don’t have any energy left in me, for the spirits have drained it all. I keep seeing these spirits place my father in a coffin ready to bury him.


Also, my friend who passed away last year keeps coming to me when I’m seated in the living room with your baby or when I’m cooking. She keeps urging me to go back with her.


Aunt, I’m very disturbed and I’m very afraid of what I can do.”

Her words left me completely dumbfounded. These are things I only hear about in Afrosinema and for a minute I thought she was joking. But when I looked at her face and saw how serious she was, I knew she was not kidding.

Cold Stare

I started shaking and felt like collapsing because in my mind I was thinking about my baby and what she could have done to her or had already done to her. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to scream, I felt as though I was going crazy. I actually wanted to strangle her, but at the same time grateful that she had decided to confess. I was very confused, but amidst all that, I just kept praying that no harm had befallen my daughter.

I rushed to my baby, picked her up and just started praying and declaring that she is blessed and no harm/evil can come her way. Meanwhile, the housegirl was just standing there looking at me. I looked at her and it was as though I was looking at a complete stranger, someone I could hardly recognize. There she was, looking very different, looking unperturbed, unmoved, and completely emotionless. It was an icy look. One that completely scared me.

I then went and locked myself and my baby in my bedroom, all the while praying and calling on the name of Jesus. I called my hubby and my mum and asked them to rush home. Mum, in turn, called one of the church elders and a deacon.

Spirits in her Family

When they arrived, they asked my help what was going on. My house girl confessed that those spirits have been disturbing her sister and basically her whole family for a very long time. We then prayed and reversed every plan of the devil in my baby’s life, in our marriage, in our home, and asked God to come dwell and protect and cover us with his blood. We also prayed for her, though I told her to pack her bags and leave with the first bus in the morning.

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She is gone now, but I cannot help but worry myself sick.

I wonder if I’d overlooked things because of late she had been sleeping too much and whenever I instructed her to do something, she would just stare back at me. Maybe I would have picked it up earlier when she told me that back home a lot of people don’t want her to progress, or when she said that her neighbours practice witchcraft. Could she have been trying to tell me something but I ignored? Could my ignorance have caused this thing to go this far? Why did I not pay more serious attention when I noticed a change in her behavior? What could I have done differently to prevent all this from befalling my family especially my baby whom she at times spent the whole day alone with?

Am I to Blame?

I really blame myself for failing to see the signs even if I don’t know what to look for when you want to find out if one is possessed. Please tell mothers out there never to overlook anything they are told. And to always go with their instincts. I learned it the worst way possible. I would rather now be called petty and nosy but I will investigate everything about anyone who is in contact with my baby without fail regardless of what it’s going to cost me.

Also, make sure you pray for protection and bless your baby and family and home. While I am thankful that nothing bad has happened to my daughter and that God was gracious enough to reveal all this to me, I am still deeply disturbed and worried, but I’m just praying for my baby girl.” -END.

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Wow! What an experience! So that is the story of this mum, who is not at a very good place right now. Any words of encouragement you’d like to share with this distraught mum? Has something like this ever happened to you or someone you know? How did you/did they deal with it? We could all learn.

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Maryanne W. Waweru is a Kenyan mum raising her two sons in Nairobi. A journalist, Maryanne is passionate about telling stories and hopes that through her writing, her readers learn something new, feel encouraged, inspired, and appreciative of what they have in their lives. Maryanne's writing focuses on motherhood, women and lifestyle. "Telling stories is the only thing I know how to do," she says.


  1. Dear Mum always confess this words to your children Isaiah 54:17No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.
    The devil is in the process of people freak but God is in control believe that God will cover your daughter with the blood of Jesus .
    A very close friend of mine faced the same problem with her house girl recently, she confessed that at night she would see the two babies she was taking care of in a dream she was also fighting some forces the mother freaked and sent her away early the next morning.

  2. Maryanne, Thankyou for sharing that story. It is quite eye opening. It is important to realize that househelps need to become an intergral part of our families, so that even when they have personal challenges,they will run to you first. They too, need love and assurance.
    With my housegirl, I used to call home only to ask about the welfare of my child. This created some kind of tension at home, since all I cared about was my son’s welfare and not her. She would in turn, do her job and keep mumb about anything else, even when she was visibly unwell.My help rarely eats.
    I made a decision to also check on her. With time she learnt to open up, and even though she won’t tell me all her deep dark secrets, she has a different attitude, and will easily tell me whenever there are issues at her home and also with my son. Afterall, they spend the most part of the day together, so it is a worthy ‘investment’.
    I would advise all mums to pray pray pray. Not just for their beloved children, but also for the caregivers.


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