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Motherhood Notes from a Kenyan Mum in the Diaspora: How we Celebrated 4th of July


Last weekend was Independence Day in America. The 4th of July is a BIG holiday there. So I was curious to find our how our diaspora mum Nabubwaya celebrated it with her family.

Nabubwaya is a Kenyan-born mum, now raising her family in Texas, USA.

She lets us in on this year’s July 4 celebrations with her family.

This year’s Independence Day was actually more of a bigger celebration than the others I have experienced here in America. This was Lema’s second celebration and by far the best 4th of July for our family. Since I worked on the actual 4th of July, we managed to attend the celebrations on the 5th that were held in a different nearby city. We spent some precious and fun hours at the park. I packed some snacks, water, and blankets for us to use. We usually enjoy sitting on the blankets than the chairs that are more commonly used at the park.

The park had a series of activities lined up leading to the flashy display of fireworks. There was entertaining live music delivered by live bands, a petting zoo, pony rides, several food tents, and a play area for the families to enjoy. Lema seemed content to watch all these activities. He preferred to hang out more by the lake, watch the ducks, and made several attempts of chasing after puppies that frequently passed by our spot.

Lema enjoyed running around and chasing both his daddy and I. He seemed very interested in the ducks that swum in the lake. He kept pointing to them and staring from time to time. We took him on walks and stroller rides as we waited for the initiation of the traditional fireworks ceremony. This ceremony is a very big deal in the US. It’s usually the climax of the holiday. Scores of people come out to the park to watch the event. Lema was fascinated by the flamboyant display of fireworks.

The event ended a little after 4 hours. We were all ready to head home for a good shower and sleep. Happy Independence Day, America!!”

Thanks Nabubwaya, we love hearing from you.

You can read more of Nabubwaya’s experiences raising her one and a half-year old son Lema here.



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