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Who Knew what a Grapefruit Was!


You remember the time I had written about butternut and how I didnt know what it was? Well, I just got another moment yesterday.

So I was at the local mama/baba mboga buying fruits. Specifically, I was at Baba Shiro’s kiosk when I saw a different kind of fruit – one that I’d never seen him stock before. Baba Shiro’s kibanda often has the usual stuff – melons, oranges, bananas, apples, oranges, pawpaws, avocados, sukuma, spinach, pumpkin etc. So suddenly I saw this huge round fruit, and I took about five minutes just holding it in my hand and staring at it and trying to feel its texture and trying to shake it to see if there was anything inside, and also trying to hit hit it to see if it would make a hollow sound, then I was also tossing it around….this is because I had never seen this fruit my whole life (and I’ve been around for quite a long time). So then I asked Baba Shiro what it was, and this is how conversation went:

Me: Eeehhhh Baba Shiro, kwani nini hii umetuletea leo?

Baba Shiro: Hiyo ni grapefruit. Na ni tamu sana.

Me: Ati grapefruit? Ehhh wewe kweli Baba Shiro leo umejikakamua sana! Sasa hii inakulwo aje?

Baba Shiro: Unaikata tu ndani na kisu alafu unakula.

Me: Ooohhhh. Na sasa inataste aje?

Baba Shiro: Ina taste tu kama fruit poa.

Me: Ooohhhh. Na sasa inataste kama fruit gani hivi?

Baba Shiro: Kama grapes.

Me: Ooohhhh. Kwa hivyo ni tamu sana …?

Baba Shiro: Ehhh ni tamu sana. Si ununue ujaribu.

Me: Ninunue kweli? Ati na ni how much?

Baba Shiro: Ni soo tu (100 bob).

Me: Weeeeee Baba Shiro kwani hii grapes iko na VAT? 100 bob kwa hii tu ka-moja ama ni tatu mia?

Baba Shiro: Huwezi pata hiyo fruit kwingine, ata utembee wapi na wapi. Labda sasa uende huko Sey Chelles.

Me: Hehehe ati wapi? Anyway lakini uko sure ni tamu?

Bab Shiro: Si nimekuambia ni kama grapes.

Me: Haya sawa nifungie hii moja bass. Na kama si tamu tufanye?

Baba Shiro: Wee enda ukule fruit utafurahi.

And that is how the purchase went.

So mimi huyooooo, quickly quickly headed home happily with many excitement. The grapefruit is big and round, it had the texture of an orange or lime on the outside, but yet inside, as Baba Shiro had told me, was like grapes. Now seriously, what better luck than that? A fruit that looks like an orange but is grapes inside?

Then I got home and hurriedly sliced it, looking forward to eating succulent grapes.

But alaaaaarrrr, kumbe grapefruit is just a big pink orange?????????????????? Even worse, it tastes like a bitter orange. Or rather like a sweet lemon. Like a bitter-sweet orange. How disappointed was I?

Worse, it was NOT succulent! It was dry with not even a trickling of juice however hard I tried to squeeze a juice out!

But now this Baba Shiro surely why did he tell me that the fruit was like grapes inside???? The way I had worked up my tastebuds?

All in all I’m disappointed it this grapefruit. Problem is it is so big, and none of my other family members are feeling it too. So I’m eating it tu on my own, because as much as I don’t like it, there is no way my hard-earned 100 bob will go to waste like that. Even though it will take me maybe another three or four days to finish it, but wacha tu I just vumilia eating it but for sure I’m never buying it again. Si mwanamke ni kuvumilia – as according to Bi Msafwari?

And by the way, please don’t get me started on Bi Msafwari, let me just continue eating my bitter grapes in peace.

Have a lovely weekend and God bless.:)



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  1. Hahahahaha na hiyo ni maendeleo wilayani. Grapefruit will always have that tangy taste that paralyses ones taste buds as it squeezes the life out of it. Na vile watu wanazipenda huku? Eeek! Vumilia tu mpaka uimalize. Mvumilivu hula grapefruit mbivu. Baba Shiro is a good sales person indeed.

  2. I feel you on that! That was my very reaction the first time I tasted a grapefruit. I still buy it though …. I guess I ended up developing some tolerance to it. Try sprinkling some sugar to it when eating it. Alternatively, I have heard that squeezing some fresh lemon or grapefruit in chilled water is good for weightloss.

  3. Maryanne, “grape”fruit so in conclusion it must taste like grapes! Get it! duh! Lol 🙂 I honestly like grapefruit. I find it very refreshing! Grapefruits like oranges can be sweet or bitter. It should be juicy though sounds like that one baba Shiro sold you was not good. Pole!


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