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Losing a Pregnancy at 20 Weeks -Wanjiru Kihusa’s Story


There are a couple of blogs I follow, and one of them is A Better You by Wanjiru Kihusa. I have followed Wanjiru over the last few months, and I love her stories -about her life as a new bride, and her marriage journey so far. I enjoy her reads because they are told with quite a personal touch.

I was especially excited when a few months ago she announced she was expecting. For many women, this is a totally joyous moment, and Wanjiru was no exception. I celebrated with her.

But I was totally crushed a few days ago when she announced that she had lost her baby -at 20 weeks gestation.  Totally broke my heart. So today I share with you the post that she wrote announcing the loss of her pregnancy. You have to salute Wanjiru for her courage in doing so. She’s one in a million.

Here goes, and she has a request to you at the end of the post:

“””When you start the year, you never know what awaits you in the months to come. You hope that the year will bring you great days and beautiful moments. You never anticipate the grief and sadness you might face.  And when that grief comes, it feels like someone kicked you in the stomach.

A month ago, we lost our baby. One day I was 20 weeks pregnant and the next I was not pregnant anymore.

I cannot begin to describe what I felt. Losing a child makes you feel like your world has fallen apart and the grief it comes with is something I would never wish on anyone. As a woman, it causes you to question almost everything. As a Christian, it shakes the very foundations your faith is built on.

It has been a month since that fateful Sunday morning that found me in Nairobi hospital casualty. I have not fully grasped all that happened and I have not figured out how to proceed. However, I’m sure I will get through this…One day at a time. I will get out of this a better and stronger person. And when I do, I will tell you about it

For now, I’d like to ask you a favor. In the course of my research on miscarriages, I noted there’s not much about the cases in Kenya. It’s not something people speak about easily and I understand why. Losing a baby sometimes brings a woman shame; you fear you may not be able to do what you were created to do. Some women feel its their fault and they don’t want to talk about it.

As I was reading through the articles on the internet, I was surprised at how common miscarriages are. 1 out of 5 women get a miscarriage. Shocked? So was I. If it is so common, how come there’s such little info about it?

Here is how I’d like you to help…I’m looking to find miscarriage support groups in Kenya. Also, any information on miscarriages will be highly appreciated. Kindly drop me an email at wanjirukihusa@gmail.com and share what your thoughts.“””

Wanjiru, we hold you in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time -MT.



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  1. Hi,
    Reading this article takes me back two years ago. It was my first pregnancy and was really excited about it.
    To cut the long story short is that I lost my baby at 23 weeks and the worst part is that to date i do not exactly know what happened. I attended all clinics and dr. Appointments and all was well.
    One morning I found myself at Karen Hospital with pain not knowing I was in labour. They called it intrauterine demise! I was in labour from 6am and delivered at 9pm. She was a baby girl! Since I dint have enough cash at the time I could not ask for an autopsy hence my not knowing what happened to my little girl.
    My husband was very supporting and we constantly were there for each other.
    I opted not to try again till 6months ago. I am now 26weeks pregnant and very anxious. I changed my gynae, my lifestyle, eating habits all to ensure all is well with Nathaniel (it’s a boy).
    I am trusting God that all will be well and that we shall see Nate in a few weeks time.
    We may not understand what happens but God will give you the strength to undergo what’s ahead of you.

    Kind Regards,

  2. Hi am sophia,
    After getting married to a great man, l looked forward to having children. In July 2013, I conceived, we were happy and looked forward to becoming parents. Unfortunately as fate could have it on September, I was admitted in Nairobi women’s hospital due to heavy bleeding. Eventually, I suffered an incomplete miscarriage and had to undergo surgery in order to expel everything. I mourned my baby and moved on. With a supportive family I healed completely and was back in track.
    This year I conceived again but ended up having a missed miscarriage at 9w and 2days. This was a hard blow to my face, life, family and overall feminity. It has been tough to suffer two miscarriages in a year.
    However, everyday I pray to God to give me a living baby. I would not give up but forge on until I give a life.
    God would see us through this.


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