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The Upgraded Pampers Diapers: Drier, Undisturbed Nights of Sleep for Baby


As a mom, and from the many interactions I have with fellow moms, one of the issues that pepper our conversations are the sometimes sleepless nights –courtesy of wet diapers that interrupt babies’ sleep. And we all know that when baby is uncomfortable and fussy, then there is no rest for mummy too!

Even doctors talk of the relationship between diapers and baby’s development.

Dr. David Githanga, a paediatrician and Chairman of the Kenya Paediatric Association (KPA) says that quality, uninterrupted sleep is important for every baby as it helps them wake up well rested, cheerful and ready to start the day.

“Ensuring baby remains dry at night may be one way to prevent his sleep being unnecessarily disturbed. Using a highly absorbent diaper is one simple step towards guarding baby’s night time sleep for moms,” says Dr. Githanga.

That is why it’s important to find a diaper that keeps baby dry for a whole night of sleep. And when baby sleeps well, mommy can get her well-deserved rest too!

The newly upgraded Pampers diapers have been made specifically for this –to give baby a night of uninterrupted sleep. This diaper comes in all sizes, and comes with a core containing more absorbent gel material (AGM), which absorbs and locks in wetness. This gel is what helps keep away the wetness away from baby’s skin.

Procter & Gamble, the makers of Pampers diapers say that they upgraded the diapers as a result of numerous enquiries by mothers about a diaper that would provide overnight dryness for their little ones.

“When babies sleep better, they wake up more active and able to enjoy the day. Mothers have asked for a more absorbent diaper as well as one that is a perfect fit to their babies’ anatomies and this is what the new and improved Pampers diapers offers them.

Diapers have to work extra-hard for baby at night-time, as they need to absorb up to 50% more liquid than they do during the day. The new and improved Pampers diaper now has more super gel that absorbs and locks away wetness, keeping babies’ skin drier overnight,” says Pampers Brand Manager Inem Nsimah.

At the Baby Banda Pregnancy and Baby Fair held earlier this year, attending moms were given an opportunity to sample the new product and this is what a few of them had to say:

Bella Makokha: I have tried the new diapers and they are very absorbent and light for the baby’s comfort. They are worth it.

Susan Manosu: I’m grateful for the new pampers n am so happy because they keep my daughter dry all day n all night. Thank you so much

Beth Nyaga: First, I want to thank you for giving me the honor of being among the first moms to try the new improved pampers size 5. I used it since Friday night and I must say am a happy mum. It does not soak fast and fits my baby who is 16kg perfectly. No more side leaks. So what exactly is the essence of these diapers?

Pampers diapers have a layered construction, which allows the transfer and distribution of liquid away from baby’s skin to an absorbent core where the liquid is locked away to keep baby comfortable and dry.

How so?

First, a baby’s urine quickly penetrates the topsheet, a soft, cloth-like film which becomes a barrier against wetness.

Then, the dual acquisition layer speeds away the wetness from baby’s skin and spreads it over the storage core. The wetness flows into the void spaces in the core and away from baby’s skin. This acts as another barrier to prevent wetness from coming into contact with baby’s skin.

Finally, the increased quantity of absorbent gelling material (AGM) in the core ensures that the wetness is locked away. The gelling material absorbs and stores up to 30 times its own weight.

Also good to know is that the outer covering of the diaper, also known as the back sheet, is typically made of a cloth-like film composite that prevents wetness transfer to the bed or clothes.

Are These Ingredients and Materials Safe?

Pampers Brand Manager Inem Nsimah says that the upgraded Pampers diapers available to Kenyan moms today is a result of a science-based process of research, development and innovation.

“All ingredients in the diaper are tested to evaluate their safety and efficacy and then extensively tested with moms and babies in real-life situations to create products that adhere to the highest standards of performance and quality” she says.

This diaper by the way sells at the same usual Pampers price.

So, have you tried out the new upgraded Pampers? What do you think about them?



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  1. I have tried it, and am not noticing any change at all, for example when baby pees on it once and starts moving around the house, the gel drops and sags somewhere between the legs and behind, it is really uncomfortable for the baby.
    During her night sleep, it will get full at some point and you wake up to a wet baby cot, my baby is 14months old, is she too old for the diapers or what? I have been forced to go back to Huggies.

  2. Hi Mercy, your baby is just as old as my Ello :). Hmmmm….I don’t think your baby is too old for diapers…. Let me forward your feedback to the people at Pampers. Thanks and hugs to your LO.


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