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Should You Take Flowers to a New Mum in Hospital?


Flowers in a room… and if to take them to a hospital when visiting a patient.

Now, many of us love flowers because not only do they brighten up the room, but they are so beautiful and they smell so nice. That’s why we take them to hospital when going to see a loved one (especially a female patient) because they do wonders in cheering up their spirits, knowing only too well how boring hospital ceilings can be.

However, I have more than once heard people say that it’s not good to take flowers to a new mom in hospital. But why?

I asked a maternity ward nurse –Asha Kaberia who is also a Lamaze instructor/doula about this. Asha said:

“Flowers are not ideal in a new mom’s room because some newborns react to the pollen, and could make them have allergic reactions. So since you don’t know if the newborn you are going to visit has a pollen allergy, it’s better just to stay off the flowers and get the new mom something else altogether.”

So if you are going to visit a new mom in hospital, maybe you could get her something else instead of flowers? I always say that you can never go wrong with diapers. Every new mom appreciates diapers, so consider getting her some.

Have a lovely day.

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  1. Secondly, flowers use up oxygen in the rooms at night.If you have visited maternity or hosp wards, early in the morning, flowers are either on the corridor or outside.
    This is basically, to allow air circulation without any interference. That doesn’t mean next I get my forth born, you don’t bring flowers. I love Roses, I will deal with other issues later.

  2. @ chelimi very funny and honest. I was told the same thing by nurses when I delivered our 1st born. Apparently am not a flower person not during delivery or valentines or birthday. They don’t simply jazz me. Am I wierd or something?


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