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Meet Asha Kaberia, and Why She’s a Person of Interest


Today, I want to celebrate one beautiful young lady who sleeps, breathes and lives mothers and their newborns. Asha Kaberia is a midwife and a trained lamaze childbirth educator, and she is so passionate about helping pregnant women have safe pregnancies and safe deliveries. Her greatest joy is when she births a baby and sees the little baby and the mom connecting in warm embraces. She always finds herself smiling when she observes that moment. A new mom’s happiness is her happiness.

I met Asha two years ago when she emailed me following my articles on this blog where I provide information on maternal health. We ended up meeting for a cup of coffee and I was taken in by her warmth and commitment, and how passionately she speaks about assisting women deliver their babies.

Asha works in the maternity ward of a local private hospital in Nairobi and each day, she wakes up looking forward to meeting pregnant women and guiding them through a safe delivery. She doesn’t do so just because she it’s in her job contract to do so. She does so because it’s part of her DNA; it is her calling.


After the birth, Asha ensures that the mom is well taken care of, is well comforted and regularly checks on her, ensuring that both she and baby are doing fine, and that they are both getting breastfeeding right.

“Working with pregnant women and new moms, teaching and educating them, and seeing how their faces brighten every time they learn something new makes me want to keep doing it,” she says.

Today, and every other day, we celebrate you Asha, together with all the other midwives like you who are so passionate about ensuring that we have safe pregnancies and positive birth outcomes. We heart you.

Asha can be reached on 0721 621 777.

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