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All You Need to Know about Pampers (With New Design)


One of the inevitable expenses that new parents have to contend with is diapers. Whether cloth diapers or disposable ones, you just must have some. For me, I knew right from the beginning that I was going to use disposable diapers on Kitty – largely because of the convenience they bring along. And I loved everybody who brought me these disposables when I was a new mom. Because believe me, you can never have enough of them when you have a little tot – until they get potty-trained that is. So in case you’re wondering what to take to a baby shower or what to carry along when going to visit a new mom, just know that you can never go wrong with diapers. Ever. That mom will appreciate you much more than you’ll ever know.:)

Anyway, one of the brands of disposable diapers that are in the market today is Pampers. And by now you must have noticed that there’s a difference in Pampers diapers, or at least have heard about a change in them. While the packaging is still the same (the green pack), one of the things that I instantly noticed about the diapers is that they are no longer plain white, but have some cartoon designs on them now – all around the diaper. I certainly don’t mind cartoons so this new diaper did make for an interesting look. I liked!

The redesigned diaper is still light in weight and is not bulky at all (I hate the bulkiness of some brands of diapers in their unused state – only makes me wonder how they will be when they’ve been used), plus the sides have a snuggly fit which I suppose help the diaper to do a good job of shaping onto baby’s body, helping prevent or minimize leaks.

One thing I wondered is whether the prices had now gone up, and I also wondered if there was any change in the diapers themselves – besides the obvious new cartoon pictures.

To get answers to some of the basic questions that I had, I had a chat with Irene Mwathi of P&G – the company that makes the diapers, and here’s how that went:

MT: What’s new about Pampers diapers?

IM: Pampers recently introduced a new design on its main variant (the green pack). It is easy to recognize the new Pampers diaper as it has joyful cartoon characters on the outside cover of each individual diaper, whereas the old Pampers is completely white on the outside. Mothers, however, can be reassured that Pampers provides the same proven dryness and fit as before.

MT: Are the size ranges for the new design Pampers still the same?

IM: The new design Pampers is available in all sizes i.e. mini, midi and maxi. We have also introduced junior size (size 5) for babies weighing between 11-25 kgs.

MT: How do I choose the right size of diaper for my little one?

IM: The diapers are sized according to a baby’s weight. The weight ranges on Pampers packs give an indication of what size to choose for your baby. The weight ranges in this new design Pampers are the same as before and have not changed. They are:

1.       Size 1- Newborn- Weight: 2 – 5 kg

2.       Size 2- Mini- Weight: 3 – 6 kg

3.       Size 3- Midi- Weight: 4 – 9 kg

4.       Size 4- Maxi- Weight: 7 – 18 kg

5.       Size 5- Junior- Weight: 11 – 25 kg

The best Pampers diaper to use also depends on your baby’s age, shape and how much the baby drinks. The most important thing to consider when choosing a diaper size for your baby is to choose a size that doesn’t sag or gap – even as your baby moves around.

MT: With the new design Pampers, does this mean that there is a change in the prices? Are they now more expensive?

IM: No, prices have not changed and remain the same.

MT: Why should moms choose Pampers diapers?

IM: More than anything, every mom values dryness in their baby’s diaper because it’s essential for the little one’s well-being, so at the heart of each Pampers diaper is a highly advanced absorbent gelling material that captures and holds the fluid released by baby and locks it in place. The gelling material helps prevent wetness from seeping back and irritating baby’s skin.

Our research shows that this technology can absorb during the whole night without causing discomfort, providing 1 dry night for baby. In fact, it’s been clinically tested to help keep your baby’s skin dry.

So that was the chat I had with Irene. I hope that gives you an insight into the new Pampers diapers.

Have you tried them on your little one yet? What do you think about them? If you have more queries, or have general comments about Pampers diapers, you can leave them in the comments section at the bottom of this post, or you can email me on maryanne@mummytales.com Irene will respond to any questions.

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  1. I have tried them and i must say, they have greatly improved. My baby is 15kgs and pees a lot and the new pampers size 5 is taking him through the night with no leaks so i am a happy mommy. So kudos to the Pampers team, and thanks for listening to our complains and taking note of the same.


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