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Baby Shower Gift Ideas


Have you been invited to a baby shower? And you have completely no idea on what kind of gift to get for that expectant relative or friend? baby showers are usually a good time for the expectant mum to celebrate her baby’s upcoming arrival with her friends and family, plus ofcourse get some nice baby stuff for her little one.

Now, if you’re planning to attend a baby shower soon and you still don’t have the slightest idea on what to get, I have some ideas for you. I came across this baby shop the other day when I was at the 5th Ngong Avenue Suites where I had an appointment with a doctor (who didn’t keep time so I decided to pass time by strolling around the floors of the building). At the shop – SAS Impressions, I saw some really lovely things and I was like wow! Which buddy is having a shower soon? Because I have been in those situations where I had no idea what to get for a baby shower. So here’s what I came across:

Diaper Bags

Baby Carriers
When taking baby for a walk, or when going outdoors with the baby, a baby carrier is always a good bet. And a good gift for an expectant mom. By the way when it comes to baby carriers, pay particular attention to the straps since you don’t want to buy those ones that hurt by pinching into the flesh.

Storage Baskets
When mommy needs to store laundry or toys, then this is a good storage space. Colorful with nice animal cartoon designs, the storage bags are easily washable or you can wipe with a cloth, and they are also foldable in to a flat piece – when not in use.

Baby Blankets
One of the few baby gifts are treasured for a lifetime are beloved baby blankets. There’s just something about them that brings so much joy, warmth and comfort not only to the baby, but to the mom. I saw lots and lots of beautiful baby shawls and blankets – all with these nice designs, pure cotton – all of them unique, so sweet and fresh.

Cot Bumper and Beddings
They come in blue for a little boy and pink for the little princess – lovely and very cozy for the baby’s cot. The pack includes the cot bumper, fitted sheet, a flat pillow/pillow case, a duvet and matching mosquito net. The beddings are 100% cotton, from the Mothercare brand. Pure cotton is good by the way for newborns due to their vulnerability to skin reactions and conditions like eczema.

Newborn Outfits
Yep, these are a favorite during most baby showers. Rompers, vests, pyjamas, dresses, trousers, socks, stockings (from 0 – 24 months), bibs and many more.

Baby Shoes
Seriously, which yummy mummy doesn’t want a cute pair of Dora shoes for their little one? Or some nice shoes for their baby boy?

And wall stickers for the little one’s room…

And don’t forget the new mom…
You can get her some breast pads (disposable), nursing bra’s, disposable panties (for those first days), a breast pump, bottles and bottle brushes.

Other lovely little things…

So there you go, I hope you’ve gotten some gift ideas to give that expectant yummy mummy, and where to get the items from.:) SAS Impressions is located on the 4th floor of 5th Ngong Avenue Office Suites (near Traffic HQ’s), suite 18. Tel: 0737 840375.



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