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8 Baby Shower Gift Ideas for the Pregnant Mom who has Already Bought ‘Everything’

A beautiful, happy pregnant woman. Photo: Eve'smama

Have you ever been caught in a situation where you wonder what baby shower gift you can buy for your pregnant friend who has basically bought everything there is to be bought? The one who has just about gotten everything and is only waiting for baby’s arrival? Well, I’ve experienced this, where I really racked my brain over what to buy. So in case you’re caught up in the same, here are some ideas that I thought of, feel free to add to the list.

1. Lactation cookies. These are not just any cookies, but special oatmeal raisin lactation cookies that are good for boosting breast milk supply. The cookies are also nutritious and keep energy levels up. Get her a box or two of these –she’ll need them when baby comes. They are available from Toto Touch.

LactationCookies_Toto_Touch_12. Massage and Spa Voucher. You may get her a relaxing massage that will help reduce some of the pregnancy discomforts especially in the later stages, such as backaches, leg cramps, neck discomfort and general feelings of fatigue. However, be sure to get her someone who is well knowledgeable about prenatal massage and the do’s and don’ts. This is very important.


3. Supermarket Shopping Voucher. Even though she has everything she needs, shopping for any woman is always a welcome affair! Because she will almost always find there’s something she doesn’t have once she checks into the supermarket. So get her this voucher.

voucher-shopping-4. Organic Mothers’ Milk Tea Bags. These herbal tea bags are taken by a breastfeeding mom to help her increase and maintain her breast milk production and thus promote healthy lactation. Not only are they tasty, but they also help keep her well hydrated during breastfeeding. They are available from Toto Touch.

Toto_Touch_Organic_Mothers_Milk_25. A Personal Care Gift Basket containing a selection of lovelies such as a body butter, shower gel, bath salts, natural soap, body scrub, foot soaks or natural hair products if she’s a naturalista. Get products that are free from harsh chemicals and strong smells but yet which still have that yummy soft smell that will leave her feeling fresh, nice and not irritated. Because surely life can’t be all about dirty diapers, breast milk stains, burps and spit ups… 

Photo: Pinterest
A gift basket. Photo: Pinterest

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