6. A Manicure and Pedicure. This is an option to consider, because with a baby on the way, or a new baby by her side, it is often tricky for a mom to find time for a salon visit. So you can get her someone to come do a manicure, pedicure at the comfort of her home, a service that she will likely appreciate. And while at it, also consider someone to braid her.


7. Diapers. Trust me, no matter how many packs of these she’s bought, they will still never be enough. Just buy bigger sizes that she can use when baby is months older. But before you do so, it would be advisable to find out her choice of brand and avoid cases where you buy a brand that she hates or one that will react badly on her baby. If it’s a first time mom, best buy a good quality brand –the one that most babies don’t react to, that way you’ll be safer.

children-s-diapers-stacked-piles-child-room-470775578. Lactation Expertise. From my experience and the experience of almost every mom I know, breastfeeding doesn’t come easy, especially in those first days and weeks. The stress! Every new mom could use some expert help, so let the mom-to-be know that you’ll gift her a session or two from a lactation consultant/breastfeeding counselor. The three good experts I highly recommend for this are Josie Karoki of Huny Suckle, Susan Muriithi of Toto Touch and Lucy Muchiri of Eve’sMama. You can’t go wrong with these three loving, passionate and dedicated ladies. They are gems.

Photo: Huny Suckle
Photo: Huny Suckle

So there you go. Hope you’ll get an idea or two for that special lady in your life. Did I leave anything out? Feel free to add.

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