Overcoming Alcohol Addiction: What 17 Years of Recovery Look Like – Chris Lyimo


Hi guys hope you had a great weekend. In my post today, I share this story: “My recovery from alcohol addiction included dealing with the relationships and the people I had harmed in my life. My mother was number one. I had wasted her resources –I had hit her… then there was my twin sister who had since passed on… I had also lost a son who for the three months he was alive I drunk through them all… I needed to deal with this…”

This is the story of Chris Lyimo, who talks about how his years of recovery from alcohol addiction looked like. Chris got married in his 40’s to Wandia Njoya -he’d been sober for 17 years at the time he was getting married and that, for him, was good preparation “because I wasn’t husband material 17 years before that. I really wasn’t -I was a mess,” he says.

In this video, I share excerpts from the testimony Chris gave during an event I attended last month by Sitara Trust. It is a powerful testimony which I believe we could learn from, especially those who are dealing with alcohol addiction and recovery in their families, know of a colleague or friend who is, or have dealt with the issue before. If you feel Chris’s testimony could help someone and their family, feel free share Chris’s testimony with them.

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