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George Ikua’s Truths about Marriage on his 10th Wedding Anniversary


Yesterday, I shared my thoughts about pastors who make some questionable remarkds during the weddings they officiate (read that article here) and today, I carry on in the same conversation of marriage.

10 years ago, George Ikua married the beautiful Janet Kanini Ikua who passed away last year from cancer. Today, George has shared some nuggets of wisdom about marriage, which I’d like to re-share here. His message is below.

Very deep! We do indeed continue to honor the memory of Janet, who inspired so many people with her resilience. You may also like to read stories about marriage that I’ve previously written about in the links below:

“How I Ignited the Passion in our Marriage” -Patricia Cidi Malika

Patricia Cidi Malika with her husband

“I’m So Grateful for my Husband’s Support” -Winnie’s Story

Winnie with her husband

“As a New Wife, a Helping Hand from my Husband went a Long Way” -Waturi Wamboye’s Story

Waturi Wamboye with her husband Ernest and their child.

I hope all of these stories inspire you, and encourage you to keep believing in the institution of marriage.

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