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Our Summer trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico; Notes from a Kenyan Mum in Texas


Nabubwaya Chambers is a Kenyan-born mum living in Texas, USA with her husband and their 20-month old son Lema. Nabubwaya loves sharing her motherhood experiences with us here and this week, she tells us about their recent trip to New Mexico.

My family loves to go on road trips whenever a golden opportunity arises. We took some time off towards the end of this summer to visit Albuquerque which is in New Mexico.  We have fallen in love with New Mexico and simply enjoy visiting every part of it. The vibrant culture, entertaining music, exotic people, sumptuous meals, and hospitality continually amaze us.

We were very fortunate and blessed to share this trip with a family member who was visiting from Kenya. That was my big brother Josh!! Our house was filled with laughter and stories as we hosted him (though he is camera shy). I tell you, nothing beats special family times. I really miss my family back home –the noise, the laughter, the FOOD, the hugs and kisses…all those special moments that I so dearly cherish. I hope I will be able to come visiting the motherland someday soon.

Nabubwaya and Lema during their New Mexico trip.
Nabubwaya and Lema during their New Mexico trip.

While in Albuquerque, we ate at Mexican restaurants, visited the Sandia Peak Tramway, and enjoyed our hotel stay. It was so exciting to ride on a tramway. Evidently, it was our first time to soak in all the mountainous glory that surrounded us. We took so many photos and kept pointing at all the fascinating flora we spotted. We had a bit of time to enjoy a very short hike. Lema fell asleep on our way back to the tramway. It was simply beautiful to be in the mountains and to enjoy the sights and sounds of New Mexico. We hope to visit other fascinating cities in New Mexico when we get another chance.

It indeed has been a beautiful summer and now we are ready to usher in the Autumn season and some cool weather.

Here are some photos from our New Mexico trip.



Lema with daddy.
Lema with daddy.


So beautiful!
So beautiful!


Otherwise how are you doing? Hope you and your family are well too!

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