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“How I Felt on Seeing My First American Pumpkin Trail” -Diaspora Mum Nabubwaya Chambers

Nabubwaya and her son Lema.

We always love to hear from our Kenyan mum in the diaspora Nabubwaya Chambers, a guest writer who often shares with us her motherhood journey from Texas, USA. Nabubwaya’s son Lema is now 23 months old. Today, Nabubwaya tells us about pumpkin trails. Yeah… I have no idea what those are, so read along with me to find out more…

“Fall is here in all its glory which means it’s football season and at the same time there are lots of pumpkins everywhere! Leaves are changing color and the weather is super cool. Plus we get to enjoy a little bit of rain too. We love all that’s going on.

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Pumpkin trails are very common during this season. Baba Lema and I took Lema to the Lubbock Pumpkin Trail at the arboretum this last October weekend. Lema absolutely loved it and had a great time.We saw lots of pumpkins that had been donated by several organizations and volunteers.

It being my first time to visit a pumpkin patch ever, I was excited to experience this American tradition and enjoy it together with other families

Also, there were certain cartoon characters that I noticed from the cartoons I watched back in the day as a kid. There was Charlie Brown, Flintstones, and Ghost Busters, to mention a few. We took some goofy photos with the Ghost Busters crew.

You can find out more about the history of the Pumpkin Trail in the video below.

As usual, Lema was fascinated by the dog in front of us as we walked down the long pumpkin trail. Good thing he was still in his stroller because he would have ran up to pet Max the dog. He kept saying “daddy, mama, waaaaa waaaaaa”, as he mimicked the dog’s barking sounds. It was hilarious and quite entertaining.

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We took plenty of photos and created memories to last a lifetime during our first visit to the pumpkin trail as a family. This is my favorite season and I love how cool it is. I enjoy walking both in the early morning and evening. I look forward to more of these Fall activities. We hope you will enjoy the photos we took of our Fall pumpkin trail.”

Earlier in the day: Nabubwaya enroute to the pumpkin trail.
The pumpkin trail.
The pumpkin trail.
Lema and his dad somewhere there behind him, posing with some cool peeps.
Lema and his dad somewhere there behind him, posing with some cool peeps.


Thanks Nabubwaya for sharing. At least now I have an idea about pumpkin trails. Looking forward to your next post!

You can read more of Nabubwaya’s experiences as she raises Lema together with her husband here.

Meanwhile, fellow Kenyan mummy blogger Mama Mgeni recently hosted a Halloween party in her neighborhood. Read about how that went down here and see some of the interesting costumes the kids wore. But what are your thoughts about Halloween anyway?  Do you celebrate Halloween? What do you think of it? Is it evil? Devilish? A ‘Western’ thing which we shouldn’t import? What do you think?



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  1. Love this post! Halloween is one of my favorite American traditions. I wrote a post about setting up trick-or-treating here in my neighborhood in Nairobi – the kids had such fun! It is really nice to see the perspective of a Kenyan mum on Halloween traditions. I know it can seem freaky to people who have never experienced it. Some of my Kenyan readers thought Halloween was evil and satanic. I’m trying hard to make them see that, for me, at least, Halloween is a family tradition!

    • Interesting Mama Mgeni. Some of the second-hand books I buy for my sons have alot of trick-or-treat and Halloween in them, and for me it’s all theory as I have never experienced it. And yes, lol, quite a number of people think Halloween is ‘devilish’. Next year do invite me and my boys to the Halloween do you’ll organize, I’m sure I’ll have as much fun as the kids ;).


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