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Could your Child be the Next TV Star?

Does your child have an interest in television and film? Does your son or daughter have the desire to appear in a TV commercial, or one day host their own television show? Do you think your child can be cast in a television series or film and make you absolutely proud by their performance? Do you think your child is a 'natural'? Are you keen on nurturing this talent and passion? Do you believe your child has the potential to achieve success in the broadcast industry? See video below.


If you have a young child or a teen who is interested in the television and film industry, then a good start to helping them get their first break would be this upcoming boot camp happening from 29 November – 5 December 2015, hosted by the Africa Film & TV Talent Resource Center. For more details, call 0729 653 209 or 0729 653 365.



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    • Hi Consolata, yes there are charges, which are Sh23,000 per child. Please call Lilian on 0729 653 209 for more details. Thanks!

    • Hi Imani, it will sure be a good thing for your daughter. Please call Lilian on 0729 653 209, she will furnish you with more information on how to enroll your daughter. Best wishes to your girl!

    • Hi Rosalyn, thanks for your question. The charges are Sh23,000 per child -all inclusive. Please call Lilian on 0729 653 209 for more information and how to go about enrolling your child. Thanks and best wishes to your little one.

    • Hi Betty, yeah it sounds so good that it’s kinda made me wish I could be a child again, just so that I can attend the boot camp. The charges are Sh23,000 per child -all inclusive. Please call Lilian on 0729 653 209 for more information. Thanks.

  1. Hi,
    I highly need my daughter 8yrs old tojoin and build her talents. She sings in the house, in bed and late at night. She loves dancing and listening to music. This holiday am seriously looking for a place where she can spend much of her time.

    • Hi Georgina, it’s great that you’re thinking about building your daughter’s talents. I’ll ask around for such opportunities during this coming holiday and should I get some, I’ll share the information with you. Thanks for reading.


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