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Do You Want your Child to be the Next TV Star? Your 8 Questions Answered


Two weeks ago I wrote the story about Yvonne Kalahi here. Yvonne is the little girl in my primary school who used to present her own television show on VoK back in the day. The post also talked about a boot camp this holiday for children aged between 7 – 19 years; children who are interested in hosting their own television show someday, or acting for TV or film. Following that post, I got asked a myriad of questions about the boot camp, which I then forwarded to the Africa Film & TV Talent Resource Center (AFTTREC) who are organizing the boot camp. Lilian from AFTTREC answers the most frequently asked questions I got:

1. Who will be some of the speakers / trainers?

We have a host of professional media personalities, directors and producers of well-known local shows such as Machachari and Santalal who will lead the training activities. All our trainers have a passion for working with children, they have previously worked with children and have all the skills necessary to ensure that the children become stars.

Media personality Johnson Mwakazi who will be one of the trainers at the boot camp.
Media personality Johnson Mwakazi who will be one of the trainers at the boot camp.

2. Does my child need to have any prior acting experience before enrolling for the boot camp?

No, prior acting experience is not mandatory for participation in the boot camp. As long as the child has an interest in acting, modeling or public speaking, and is keen on exploring the television and film industry, then this camp is definitely for them.

 3. What will their days be like at the camp?

The trainings commence from 9am – 3 pm. After that, the children will engage in fun activities including sports like swimming, team building, bonfires and storytelling.

 4. What are the charges?

The cost for the boot camp is Sh 23,000 per child.

 5. Is the price all-inclusive?

Yes, the price is all inclusive. This includes transport to and from Nanyuki (from Nairobi). Parents will be required to drop their children at the Africa Film & TV Talent Resource Center (AFTTREC) along Dennis Pritt Road, Kilimani at 8:00 am on Sunday 29 November, then pick them up from the same place on Saturday 5 December at 2:00pm when the group returns.

 The cost also includes costs for accommodation, meals, medical cover, tuition fee for the training and all the fun activities they will engage in.

 6. What assurance can you give that they be well taken care of while there?

 The Brickwood School in Nanyuki where the camp will be held is well secured, has ideal security, and we will also have a nurse and a doctor in case of any emergency. The boys and girls will be sleeping in their own dormitories with their interaction being during the day, which will be monitored.

The children will be divided into small groups and each will have a minders. These are the people who will be ensuring that the children have bathed, eaten and incase of any issues, they are well attended to.

 We also have a counselor for the children who might be going through any issues and where they would need some professional assistance or someone to talk to and guide them accordingly.

7. Will they be assisted to get opportunities for work?

At the end of the training, there will be a talent competition where the best performers will be selected for a kids’ television series AFTTREC is launching next year. However all names of participants will be on the database for advertisers who would want children to feature in their adverts.

Some good news is that two trainees from our last ‘Be a Star’ boot camp last August have already been cast in two commercials which will air on TV soon.

8. What do I need to do to register my child?

For registration, call Lilian on 0729 653 365 / 0729 653 209 or 020 8100087.

Parents can pay a deposit to reserve a spot for their child as the slots are almost running out, though all payments should be made by 20 November 2015.

 Payment Details

1. Select “Pay Bill” from the M-PESA menu.

2. Enter the business number 880100.

 3. Enter the account number 7593240017. Enter the amount you wish to pay. (For this case Sh 23,000)

4. Enter your M-PESA PIN.

5. Confirm that all details are correct.

6.  Press send.

7. You will receive a confirmation of the transaction via SMS.

8. Call or text us so as to notify us of the payment and we will officially reserve a place for your daughter/son.

So there you go, with answers to some of your questions. If you’re still looking for how to keep your kids engaged this holiday, then this is an activity you should consider for them. If you have any more questions about the camp, you can ask them in the comments section below.

Happy holidays :).



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