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Church Today at ICC Nairobi West Campus


My family and I have just returned from church, and there is one lady that I want to acknowledge today.

I go to ICC Nairobi West church – it’s where I’ve been going for the last about nine years since my friend Rose introduced me to it. I love the fellowship there – it’s an easy, comfortable church for me. It has the enriching kind of fellowship that I like.

Now, I have a 7 month old and a 2.6 year old. When we go to church, I stay with the younger boy Ello at the crèche – which serves breastfeeding moms with babies 0 – 6 months (yes I know we’re past that age), while the older boy Kitty goes to nursery – which serves kids from 1.6 – 3 years. There is the in-between class which is from 6 months – 1.6 years (which is where Ello and I in essence should be :) ).

At the crèche, I enjoy being there because it’s in a nice enclosed room where we can breastfeed our little ones comfortably whilst still seeing the preacher, listening to the word and singing praise and worship.

Being around other breastfeeding moms and sometimes chatting each other up makes one feel very encouraged – atleast for me. Because we understand each other well – quite literally. Friendships have been established in that crèche – like the one I did with Elizabeth, whose daughter is 2 months older than Kitty. Elizabeth and I met at the crèche, and then our kids graduated to the next class together, and then they graduated to the next class together. Our kids will soon be graduating to the toddlers class (3-6 years) where they’ll continue hanging out together. It’s been a good journey watching this ‘Sunday friendship’ grow. Like today when Elizabeth and I met we were discussing options for our kids’ schools since we live in the same neighborhood. We exchanged some good notes on this.

Back to the crèche, I like it because it has comfortable seats, and they serve us some hot drink – drinking chocolate which is good for boosting milk production. Last time I was at the crèche when Kitty was a little tot, we had to walk over the the urn and serve ourselves the chocolate.

But nowadays, there is this lady, an usher who does this for us. A service that we so greatly need. What this lady does is take her time to wait upon us – by serving each of us some hot chocolate – according to how we like it. She also attends to us – you know – if one of us needs help with anything such as a fallen shawl, a fallen bib or a fussy baby – she’s always more than happy to help us out.

I don’t know her name, I always try reading her badge to get her name but it’s only written ‘ICC Usher’. I have always admired this lady. I mean, to wake up and go to church to voluntarily serve breastfeeding moms hot chocolate (I do the 10am service and our number fluctuates between 10 – 20 of us each Sunday) is nothing but a calling. A true calling. Not many of us have the heart for that. Today, she was dressed in a red waterfall blouse and a black skirt, and she had braids. If you know her, do please tell her that she is very much appreciated, and may God bless her as she continues serving us and serving Him. May her life be filled with God’s blessings and may favour follow her all her life.

And that’s the lady that I wanted to acknowledge today.

Have a blessed week ahead.

image courtesy: let’s talk breastfeeding, Kenya



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  1. Hi Maryanne,
    Thank you for your very kind post – I was alerted to it by my fellow ushers and one of the ladies in the creche. To God be all the glory. It is a privilege and a blessing to be able to serve you and the other mothers .
    Blessings to you and your family.
    Usher, ICC


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