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Sunday Church Service at ICC West Campus


So last Sunday, we went to church.

Not that it’s the first time we were going to fellowship with fellow brethren, no. I mention this particular time because it was a new experience for us – I upgraded Kitty to the next Sunday school class (for lack of a better reference).

We fellowship at ICC West campus, and we do the 10am service. While Baba Kitty proceeds to attend the service in the main hall, Kitty and I sit at the crèche, which is a little cubicle that hosts moms and their babies aged between 0 – 6 months.

Now, I do love the crèche or do I LOVE the crèche!

I love it for various reasons, in this particular order:

–          Moms are offered hot milk in a thermos –with the option of making tea, coffee or drinking chocolate. Now, if you’re breastfeeding, this is exactly what you need! So I love crèche because I’m always number one in making myself some tea. You see, most of the time we leave the house in a hurry because we’re always running late, and I often leave having only had my breakfast quarter-way. So it’s always wonderful to enjoy the worship and the sermon while sipping on the tea while biting on the cookie previously secretly stashed in the diaper bag.

–          There are comfortable sofa sets at the back of the room, which are just right for sitting and holding and nursing baby in. But while on these sofas, I have to work extra hard at making sure I don’t doze off. Because everyone knows that new moms are up for the better part of the night (and day), so any opportunity to doze is most welcome. I don’t want to be snoring and drooling while fellow new moms are trying to listen to the gospel surely.

–          The doors/big windows in the crèche are transparent. Meaning you can see who’s in church today (and what they’re wearing). It’s always nice seeing people I know and who I haven’t seen in a long time (like Sheh Muchiri, Dorothy Kittany-Onyango and Sharon Wanjohi).

–          The crèche is downstairs, right at the entrance to the main church, meaning there are no stairs to climb. Yaaay!

So, as you may or may not be aware, Kitty is 10 months old. Meaning he outgrew crèche 3 months ago. I have been so comfortable in the crèche that I didn’t wanna move some place else. I loved the crèche so much I didn’t wanna know what was out there. So after listening to Mwarikhwa encouraging me to upgrade Kitty, I reluctantly did so last Sunday (with two babies she has all the experience and knows best).

So this next class is called the nursery class, and it hosts kids aged between 6 months – 1.5 years. The perfect fit for Kitty.

So when I stepped into the room, I first looked around. No flask of hot milk. I panicked. I cast my eyes around the room again. No sofa set with comfy cushions. Waaaah! Haiya, leave alone a sofa set – there was NO seat at all. But there was a triple-decker bed/cot at the corner of the room. For the sleepy kids I guess, not for the sleepy moms.

So I sat myself on the carpeted floor and held Kitty waiting to see what happens in this new class.

As I was thinking of what happens next in this new class, Kitty began wriggling, struggling to free himself from my hold. He was aiming for the center of the room.

Now, at the center of the room were sprinkled all manner of colorful and glittering toys. I watched his eyes grow larger by the minute, the excitement of what he was seeing hard to contain. At the center of the room were also some cute little baby girls all dolled up in pink and yellow who were playing with the toys. Actually, I’m not sure if it’s the toys he was really interested in or if it’s the little girls. Anyway, I released him and let him play.

And it was lovely watching him play with other kids. I started evaluating his social interaction skills, how he relates with his peers and was impressed.

And that’s when it occurred to me that I had been giving Kitty a really raw deal.

While I had been busy enjoying the tea and the cookies and the comfortable sofa and the transparent windows at the crèche, I had been denying him the opportunity to hang out with his agemates.

So I’m glad we attended nursery class and I can assure you that when it’s time to upgrade him to the next group, I’ll definitely do so.

And while we’re still on matters ICC, ningependa kutuma salamu kwa Pastor George Nuthu who married us. And Pastor William Odero who was the main facilitator during our premarital classes. Very helpful classes those were by the way.

God bless you all.



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  1. Good stuff for Kitty! And even this shall be the place that he shall pick up all the flus and colds and whatever else comes with it, he shall build his immunity and have fun while at it.

  2. @Wash yeah I’ve always heard about that -though I thought they pick them up in school and birthday parties? Hadn’t thought about church too! Thanks for the alert.

  3. I agree with you Kabisa. Currently at the crÞche and loving it…..hmmmmm but I guess at month seven my baby gal needs to move up the ladder. Thanks Marianne for the lovely article. I LOVE ICC.

  4. Lovely article, I may just move to your church for the tea and to gaze through the transparent windows at fellow worshippers…
    Hugs to Kitty.

  5. I love the crÞche as well. I may have taken the hot chocolates a few times, but what I love most is the privacy I enjoy when it comes to breastfeeding, the comfy couches and of course the fact I can change baby Hadassah’s diaper with ease. I guess, just like kitty, Hadassah is headed for the nursery now that she turned 9 months yesterday.

  6. @Dorothy enjoy your stay at the creche seeing as Kitty and I are alumni’s 🙂 I’m sure you’ll still find us at the nursery -we’ll be preparing to exit I guess.
    @Santina you’re most welcome to join! It’s a lovely place to fellowship, doesn’t have mob drama and I find it very family oriented. ICC is good people.
    @Pocy welcome to nursery! Glad to see I’m not the only one who was sentimental about the creche. And you too are late in upgrading Hadassah:). Hope to see you and baby girl at the nursery next time.


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