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Boniface Mwangi: Why I’m Running for Beyond Zero


I’m sure you know Boniface Mwangi. He certainly needs no introduction. But incase you don’t know him, he is ‘that activist guy’. Google for more info.

Bonficace is a husband and father of three. The road to fatherhood has not been so smooth though. In his words:

8th March 2008 is the day l got married and this Sunday, my wife and I shall be celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary by joining the First Lady at the Beyond Zero marathon.

Taking part in the First Lady’s marathon for me is personal;

On June 2, 2009 we lost our unborn baby and my wife almost died from complications that followed. If I can spare another family the kind of agony my family and I went through from this horrible ordeal by running in this marathon, then I am in no doubt that I must run this race. My wife and I shall also be donating Sh100,000 to the First Lady’s 2015 half marathon.

The second reason I will be running in the First Lady’s marathon is that we need to support Margaret Kenyatta who has chosen to take up maternal mortality and literally, run with it. The 8 March 2015 race targets to raise Sh600 million for the campaign.

Margaret spearheads her campaign as an active citizen. Active citizens aren’t those who complain and whine about a problem but those who take a firm stand. An active citizen (otherwise called an activist) is someone who sees a problem and takes a step to do something about it. I wish we could all follow her example and do more than just threaten or promise to take action.

On Sunday, my family shall join the First Lady in the marathon. We should all support Margaret to help her meet her target soon so that she can embark on other Kenya-changing campaigns. After all, she doesn’t just say she will run, she actually runs. While others threaten to take action and post ‪#‎hashtags‬ and selfies, she is busy doing her best to reduce maternal mortality.

So that’s why Bonny will be running for Beyond Zero. I too will be joining the First Lady tomorrow, and in this post I wrote yesterday, I shared why doing so is important to me.

Hope to see you there as well.

Happy International Women’s Day.



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