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Motherhood Notes from a Kenyan Mum in the Diaspora: Spring Fun at the Park


Nabubwaya Chambers is a Kenyan mom living in Texas, USA with her husband and their 17-month old son Lema. Nabubwaya loves sharing her motherhood experiences with us here and this week, she lets us know how they spend some of their outdoor bonding sessions as a family. Read on.

“One of the reasons why my husband and I absolutely anticipates the weekends is because we get to take our boy Lema to the park. He loves to play at the swings, take walks, ride in his stroller, watch the fishes and the ducks swimming in the lake, and just be outside feeling the cool breeze on a great, spring day. It is like every day at the park is a brand new experience for him. :) The smile on his face and the flooding joy that consumes him makes me happy. I enjoy watching my little boy while at the park. It reminds me of how beautiful it is to stop and enjoy the simple things in life. Here are some photos from the park.”

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