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“What I Wish I Knew as a Teenage Girl” -Esther Mbugua-Kimemia


Today is Menstrual Hygiene Day and it’s quite timely because I’m currently reading the book ‘Bloom’ by fellow mom Esther Mbugua-Kimemia, a mother of two girls. Esther is a menstrual health educator and endometriosis warrior.

Soon, I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts about the book once I’ve gone through all of it. For now, what I can share is that basically, Bloom talks about menstruation, and it draws from Esther’s personal journey with her menses. Here is just a little about Esther and her book, in her words:

“After a long journey with endometriosis and the other symptoms that it comes with, I decided to share the knowledge I wish I knew as a teenage girl.

In 2016, I launched Yellow Endo Flower to help demystify period-shaming, to teach girls about periods and menstrual health, and to create awareness about endometriosis. Last year, I decided to publish a book on menstrual health- ‘Bloom’.

Esther Kimemia, menstrual health educator.

Bloom is a period book where I teach about how a period should look and feel, explore sanitary product options, and encourage girls and women to employ healthy practices about menstruation. It also teaches them about the importance of keeping a period diary.

I have come to find out that many women who menstruate do not know how a normal period should look or feel like. One of the life skills that has literally been a lifesaver for me is keeping a period diary. It has revolutionized my life and helped me be more self-aware, and notice patterns in my body and cycle.

Yellow Endo Flower engages with girls and women both online (through various social media platforms) and offline through group sessions where I conduct menstrual health training in schools and in other organized groups such as churches, moms who organize forums for their pre-teen and teen daughters, and other private meetings.”

So that’s a little about Esther and Bloom. As I continue to read her book, so far, I’d say that if you have a daughter who is just about to begin her menses, ‘Bloom’ is a book worth buying. Or even if you do not have a daughter, you most likely have a little sister, niece, cousin or family friend who is just about to begin her periods -or has just started. ‘Bloom’ would be a good gift for them.

By the way, my friend’s daughter began her menses at 9 years earlier this month. Nine years! But I have since been informed that nowadays, a significant number of 10-year-olds have already received their first period. In my days, we began at around 14 – 16 years, no?

If you’d like to get in touch with Esther, you can do so through the email: yellowendoflower@gmail.com

If you’d like to get a copy of her book, you can call Rosemary on 0731 224 223 or the author, Esther on 0746 622 833. The book costs Sh500. Courier charges apply accordingly.

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