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Licking Lemon and Salt as I Walked around Town is How I Effectively Managed my Morning Sickness –Purity Musalia


Purity Musalia, 30, is a Procurement Officer and a mother of one. Today, she shares with us her journey as a first-time mom, including how she ended up becoming a mother on the same day she was supposed to attend her own graduation ceremony at Kenyatta University. Purity spoke to Mummy Tales writer SYLVIA WAKHISI.

 “When I discovered I was pregnant, I remember being so excited but yet very anxious at the same time. With my period late, I had decided to buy a home testing kit and when I tested, two lines appeared, though one was faint. I wasn’t sure if I was pregnant or not, so I took a photo of the results and sent it to my friend, a gynaecologist asking him: “should I be excited?” His reply was: “Congratulations madam!”

 Very happy but still somewhat unsure, I rushed to a nearby clinic to do the test again -just to confirm that I was indeed pregnant. And that marked the beginning of my motherhood journey. The day I found out I was pregnant was actually on my birthday and to date, it’s the best birthday gift I have ever received in my life!

Purity during her pregnancy.
Purity during her pregnancy.

 Then came the morning sickness, which I actually discovered doesn’t necessarily mean that you feel sick in the morning. There are days when I would feel sick all day and even into the night. I also had so much saliva in my mouth for some strange reason! Luckily my mom had warned me never to spit in public during pregnancy, so I refrained from doing so. What I would do was always carry some lemon and salt in my handbag. I would shamelessly lick the lemon or salt as I went about my business in town, and this helped control my nausea. Expectant women can get away with anything, right?

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 Then there were the cravings! Unfortunately, I mostly craved junk food –especially pizzas and burgers. I couldn’t survive a day without them. No wonder I gained more than 15kgs during pregnancy. Oh and I also craved lots of sugarcane! Chilled sugarcane. If only my fridge could speak it could tell the story.  Other than that I must confess that my pregnancy was smooth. The only thing I had to learn to manage was my hectic life as a working-student-expectant mom. I somehow managed though.

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 On 17 December 2015, I had planned my day quite well: I was to first go for my clinic appointment then dash to Kenyatta University for my graduation rehearsal. After that, I was to go to the salon to do my hair in readiness for my graduation the following day. However, things didn’t pan out that way…

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