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How to Boil an Egg Perfectly, by Sam Kiragu

Sam Kiragu

How do you boil your eggs? Today, my friend Sam Kiragu who really loves cooking shares with us how he prepares his boiled eggs -which by the way, he insists are healthier than fried eggs :).

Here’s how:

1.  Place the eggs in a sufuria with cold water. Start the boil and cover.
2. Meanwhile, add some salt to prevent the shell from breaking while boiling. Boil the egg for around 15 minutes for it to be well done.

3. Drain the hot water after 15 minutes and cool the eggs with cold water. This makes it easier to remove the shell.

Sam's boiled eggs.
Sam’s boiled eggs.

There goes Sam’s simple boiled egg recipe. Did you learn anything new? Hope you did. Thank you Sam!

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Chanya's balanced dinner meal.
Chanya’s balanced dinner meal.

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