Today, I’d like to share some tips on how to make banana (matoke) fries that I learnt from a lady called Nyambush in one of the foodie Facebook groups I’m in (Ideas on Cooking Recipes). Aside from the tips, I love how her manicure remained intact :).

So here’s her tips:

Be careful not to use a very sharp knife.

Step One: Begin by cutting both ends of the banana under running water. 

Step Two: Place the banana in the palm of your hand and rotate as you peel the remaining part. Peeling the raw bananas under running water helps keep one from getting and retaining the ‘sticky stuff’ in your hands.

*PS: Be careful not to use a very sharp knife while running the water through the bananas.

Step Three: Fry the bananas. No need to boil them first. They cook faster than potatoes, actually.

The nails 🙂
The frying.
Looks delish!

And her nails remained as beautiful!!


Thanks Nyambush!

Do you know of any other banana-peeling tips you know that you can share?

*Pictures: Nyambush

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