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Here’s My New Year’s Resolution


How’s your new year coming along? It’s good? Hope it continues that way all year long.

Mine is just fine, I’m still on holiday so mambo vipi? Mambo sawa.

So this morning as we were having breakfast with Kitty’s dad I asked him if he had made any New Year’s resolutions and if yes, would he mind sharing them?

He responded by saying he never makes any New Years’ resolutions.

“If you decide to do something then just do it, you don’t need a special day for you to make resolutions”.

That was an anticlimax response, not quite what I was expecting but then again, it kinda made sense.

Then there was a long pregnant pause and I kept looking at him, waiting. I was waiting expectantly, my eyes fixated on him. Then I waited some more.

Finally he spoke, the pregnant silence and expectant waiting having lasted about 5 seconds.

Him: Have you made any resolutions yourself?

Me: YES! I thought you’d never ask!

Another long pregnant pause.

Okay now I was getting frustrated. Couldn’t he just ask me what my resolutions were already?

Finally he spoke.

Him: And…..

Me: (very excitedly) my resolution this year is to hold a bash for Kitty on his first birthday.

Him: (with a duh! look) That is NOT a resolution.

Me: (confused) it’s not?

Him: Shaking his head and proceeding to bite into his slice of bread.

Me: Oh well, atleast I tried…

Him: Babes si you’re a joker….

Me: Grinning sheepishly

Him: Smiling

Anyway, the reason I tried to make Kitty’s birthday party as a resolution is that I have been unsuccessful, in previous years, in my attempts to stick to any New Year resolutions. Some of which included:

  • I will only eat chips and quarter (fried kuku) from a fast food restaurant once every four months. Now honestly, is that even possible? Especially if you work in Nairobi’s CBD? I achieved 0% success on that one.
  • To stay in shape and keep fit, I vowed to hit the gym for some serious workouts no less than 4 times a week. I made that resolution in 2008 and four years later, I’ve still never set foot inside a gym. Once again, I achieved 0% success on that one.
  • That I would go to church every Sunday without fail. I achieved about 50% success on that one.
  • There’s a year I made the resolution to thoroughly enjoy myself that year –on my last lap as a twenty something year old (mkondo wa mwisho). May I say that I achieved 150% success on that one?
  • And so on and so forth.

I guess I wasn’t successful because of two main reasons:

One, that they were unrealistic –for my kind of lifestyle that is and two, I just wasn’t committed enough and that’s why I kept making excuses.

So this year, it feels better disguising my resolutions as ‘Things I intend to do in 2012’ and holding Kitty’s first birthday party is top on that list (you know –the parties where the parents have all the fun, it’s all about the parents and their friends and it’s NEVER about the child).

Photo: hoboken411.com

So what about you? Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? How’s the going so far? You think you’ll succeed? Or have you failed or worse, quit in one or two already?



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  1. Gym for the first three months of the year.. paid, starting today.
    Change my number from Safaricom to airtel.. done!!
    Look at every story from two sides… and try not to take sides… (not tried it yet)

  2. Happy new year!
    I have new year resolutions though i am not telling yet in-case i jinx myself and give up too soon.
    Ask me in December what they were.

  3. LOL @Miss Babes story from both sides. Good you’re serious about gym, I need you to motivate me. Update me on Jan 31st on your progress. All the best, April better find you all hawwwt.

  4. Nope @Santina the telling in Dec thing is not allowed -that’s comparable to rigging! Ebu share from the beginning your resolutions and then in Dec we’ll evaluate your success. Or failure. But yeah, I also heard someone say that saying resolutions out loud and sharing them with other people kinda jinxes them…

  5. Hahaha Maryanne, I make a point to visit your blogs for a laugh – I totally love love love your writing style and humour!!! Haven’t an resolutions…come to think of it, I must be wired all off coz I’ve never made any resolutions in the past 😐 BUT, here and now, maybe I can make my resolution to bring up our New Baby (due in March 2012) better than we did our first Bear (take note we mashed Bear’s food till he started school late last year and he still poops in diapers and wakes up at night for milk – three bottles in total, thank you very much!!!)…so yah, Papi and Mami Bear need to do better with New Baby :-))))

  6. @Emma thanks! As for your Bear still pooping in diapers and waking up at night for milk…wololo!And congrats on your impending bundle of joy. Keep us updated on when the little one arrives:-)


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