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Ever Since Kitty Started School, Things Have Never Been the Same Again


I don’t even know where to start. But I’ll go straight to the point. Running nose, colds, coughs, handkerchiefs, mucus, fever, vomiting and throat infection!!

That’s just how it’s been around our house. It all began a few days after Kitty joined pre-school, where I noticed his running nose. But it was just a running nose, no cough, no fever no nothing. So I invested in more handkerchiefs for him. Besides, I had been told over and over again by more experienced moms that once the kids start preschool, running noses are the order of the day. I was prepared, I even had oranges to boot.

Then the cough came about a week later. No fever yet, so I continued giving him lots of fruit and many more oranges.

A few days later, the fever came. Fever usually signals infection, so off we went to the doctor who said he had a slight throat infection. He was given the usual drugs – antibiotics for seven days.

Meanwhile, his baby brother Ello developed a fever, cough and running nose too. He was also put on antibiotics.

Then everything went back to near normal, save for Kitty’s still slightly running nose.

Then about a week later, the cough resumed. A bad cough this time. Together with a slight fever, so once again off we went to the doc’s. By the way the cough was so bad that I had to keep him home that day. The day he missed school was a very sad day for him. He kept telling me that he was missing his friends and that could I please take him to school? woiye.

Haya, after a week of drugs, he was fine, but the cough was still kind of not gone. I wasn’t going to get him another dose of antibiotics, so I decided to do the ginger, garlic, lemon and honey thing. For the next few days, his cough significantly reduced.

Meanwhile, his baby brother once again, caught the cough. Ello is like a sponge. Anything Kitty comes home with, he absorbs it pap! :(

I continued with the garlic ginger thing for about five days, until one day, after picking him from school, he playing with his brother, he eating supper, drinking his milk and preparing to turn in to bed, he suddenly burst out into tears and wails. I went into panic mode. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him because he wasn’t talking, he was just crying. Gosh!

Then amid the tears and screams, he vomited. Alot! This was around 8pm. I was confused. The boy was fine one moment, jumping, hollering all over and playing with his brother. Now he was vomiting and crying uncontrollably. Yaye!

I comforted him and he calmed down, holding him in my arms. Next thing I know, I feel some strong wave of heat on me. Boy was boiling hot! Where the fever had come from, I don’t know. I don’t like it when a child has fever. I don’t like it at all because I get really worried. So I gave him fever reliever and it went down. A few minutes later, he was back to playing and running around.

Next day sisi haoooo quickly quickly to a paediatrician. I wanted a specialist this time. I just needed to see a paed to tell me what was wrong with my boy/s.

The paediatrician said Kitty had a really bad case of throat infection. By that time, Kitty had lost appetite, was vomiting randomly and just didn’t have the energy to do anything. I think he’d even lost some weight. The paed advised us to keep him home for the rest of the week.

So he stayed home all of last week.

Meanwhile, everyone else in the house –aunty, myself, and Baba Kitty we all caught the cold too. Some of us are still battling with it till now :( .

Let me tell you friends, yes I had been warned about the colds, but aaiihh! Everybody tells me that those colds and flus are good for building his immunity, but jowa! They really do take a toll on everyone around!

Anyone else going through the same?



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  1. Mama Kitty,
    Its like you have a camera in my house.you have described what I go through to a Tee. Save for my youngest is a girl-sponge too. Everything, i go through. yaani gosh!! Its draining..but the kids are now on immune boosters, omega3 supplements,fruits,fish..anything i can get my hands on…God will see us through and our little ones will grow up…eventually

  2. Nice read. I can totally relate to this. You get to a point where just want to try anything, especially that garlic concoction.It gets crazy!

  3. Our situations are soo similar infact i as i read i thought i was reading a story of my life! I saw the zyrtec and the last 7months(after My 3yr old started school) flash in my mind. i cant tell you how many of those she and her little brother have taken. Her little brother who is 10months is also a little sponge..whatever the sister brings from school..he will surely get, and at some point we all get sick. and yes i have also been told that that’s how they grow..in fact after a throat infection everyone seemed to notice that the little boy had grown taller..lol..i don’t know..

  4. Same script different cast. My house looks like a mini pharmacy yaani it gets to a point and am like what next. Last week Monday we rushed Adriel to hospital after vomiting twice in the morning. The culprit tonsillitis. As we speak he has a running nose and a bad cough. I have resulted to home remedies. Thank God the younger sister is playing strong. Na bado! How could i forget about a ring worm on his leg he has been on treatment for 20 days. Seriously it was that bad.

  5. Great blog Maryanne! It was great meeting you at Liz’s baby shower… I hope the blog wins in its category for BAKE awards…vote people vote!

  6. marryanne, you couldnt have put it better. i have a mini chemist in my house. i was actually cleaning it the other day.

  7. Oh, kumbe i am not alone! The runs to Aga Khan saa sita ya usiku etc..men, mpaka am like these antibiotics will grow a tree in him. Last night it was the ears on fire. I just hope..really hope, that these colds and coughs,and makamasi can stop? #sigh#


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