I ended up taking three pregnancy tests because each time, I wasn’t prepared for yet another negative result. I even tried putting on a different set of spectacles just in case my eyes were the problem. But the results remained the same; negative. I wasn’t pregnant. Call it ‘honest deception’. I cried for an hour or so after finally accepting the results. My eyes were so swollen the next day yet I still had to go to work. But I survived.


Two months ago, my husband and I were upcountry when an elderly relative approached me and said “I saw the cause of your childlessness in a vision. Give me some money and let me pray for you”. Thank God my husband who was there with me, politely told her off.

Other uncomfortable comments that people have made towards me include:

  • “What are you still waiting for?”
  • “You’re just pretending to be happy yet you are not!”
  • “Why are you wasting your husband?”
  • “You keep postponing this issue (of getting babies) thinking you’ll be young forever? Shida yako!”

So why am I sharing my story? To offer hope to other women and couples. My husband and I have accepted that children come from God. I also know that there are incidents in the Bible where “The Lord opened wombs and conception occurred”. I cling onto such promises. I have faith that my conception will be natural because there’s God in heaven who can do the impossible. Doctors can talk about infertility or barrenness but I don’t buy that, because I am a waiting womb.

Editah, who supports other women experiencing fertility challenges.

Adoption is an option for us whether our Samuel comes or not. And as we wait, we’ll make the best childless uncle and auntie by God’s grace. Should The Lord in His wisdom decide to withhold this blessing from us, we’ll still trust and serve Him. Doesn’t He have good plans for us? He’ll provide the strength needed to hang on.

To all those who just like me are waiting wombs, let’s be encouraged. Don’t allow your current situation to define you. There may be pressure from within, from in-laws, spouses, society and all, but I encourage you to hang on. You are special, you are loved.”

Editah, with the support of her husband Ken, has formed the Waiting Wombs Trust, which is a support and encouragement forum for women and couples who are experiencing fertility challenges. You can join the online support group on:

Facebook: Waiting Wombs (WW) Twitter: @waitingwombsKE

You can also reach Editah through email on waitingwombs@gmail.com

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