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The Day I Had an Anxiety Attack!


So Kitty has kept the hubby and I awake for the last two nights. On some days he is colic and on other days he isn’t. The past two days have been the epitome of his colic. Yesterday but one, he cried three-quarters of the night, leaving the hubby and I exhausted trying to soothe him. Each time we managed to get him to sleep, he would be awake crying 5-10 minutes later. That night we kissed the little sleep we usually manage goodbye.

Come yesterday morning, he was still upset. When the hubby left for work, I was fretful seeing as I was gonna deal with the crying fits by my lonesome. To say I was EXHAUSTED would be an understatement. I was frustrated, sleepy, tired, overwhelmed and all things miserable. Hard as I tried, I could not manage to catch a few winks of sleep as he remained inconsolable all day long.

So you can imagine my relief when the hubby came home in the evening. He took over with Kitty as I attended to other urgent things around the house that I had not managed to do during the day. e.g take a shower.

Kitty still remained upset all evening long, frustrating the living chickens out of us. It was only after giving him a feed at around midnight that he finally became restful and I happily put him to sleep. But two minutes later, he began crying again and the repeated cycle began. Thirty minutes later, he was still very upset. Now, this basically means that I had not slept for a whole 24 hours. When his cries began getting worse, I woke the hubby up so that he could help out. It was while the hubby was waking up from his slumber that all hell broke loose.

All I remember was turning to the wall, burying my head in my hands and sobbing uncontrollably. I felt my body shaking and hard as I tried to get a grip on myself, I could not. Surprised and confused by the sudden turn of events, the hubby asked me what was wrong, and in between incoherent sobs I told him:

“I just want to sleep for 30 minutes only! Just 30 minutes!”

To which the hubby immediately ordered me to sleep. Which, like a robot, I instantly did.

The hubby was later to tell me that he got shocked by my unforeseen action. He says I without warning began shaking like a leaf in a raging storm, crying and uttering gibberish like someone possessed by evil spirits. Turns out that my cries were louder than the piercing yells of the baby. Ohh dear, I would hate to imagine what he was going through. A colic baby and a colic wife!

When the hubby ordered me to sleep, I did not give a damn about anything after that. I badly and selfishly NEEDED to sleep, for I felt like I was losing my sanity and was on the verge of going bonkers. Sad to say that at that particular moment, I just needed to be away from Kitty.

Once I hit the pillow, I immediately drifted off to la la land and blacked out till early morning. The hubby took care of Kitty until I woke up, thankfully refreshed.

Those were quite some gloomy moments I was having, and it was only a matter of time before something gave in. I thank God many times over for the hubby.



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  1. oooohhhh! thank God for him. colic can be horrid. we used INFACOL or CYCLOPAM. Learn how to bring up all the wind…..

  2. Waa Maryanne thats an expereince but it gets better by the day. i didnt sleep for 3 months and got frustrated for a minute but what you can do is sleep when he does it helps!


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