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Is it two months already? How did that happen?


Can you imagine Kitty is already two months old? I’m yet to believe it. *checking calendar for the nth time to re-confirm dates. Yep, it is two months*. Wow, how time flies! Wasn’t it just the other day the pregnancy test kit displayed two strips? Wasn’t it only last week when he was kicking my ribs and hiccuping in my womb? Wasn’t it just yesterday when he was an hour-old marvelous beauty to relatives and friends who had rushed to the hospital upon learning the good news? Wasn’t it just hours ago that I was struggling to get out my first breast milk?

Truly, these two months have passed by shwaaaaaaaaaaa!

Granted, the second month has been much easier than the first one. The first month was quite stressful for me. Being a first time mom, everything was just demanding and I wasn’t too sure if I was coping well or not. Funny because I thought I had fully prepared myself mentally, physically and psychologically for motherhood. But despite this, I donno what happened because those first days seemed to be a tad bit too overwhelming for me.

Perhaps one of the main reasons for this is because Kitty was colic. Many are the days both he and I would cry for hours on end. Sleep was something I could only imagine in my head, fantasize and wish for. And despite having the full support of the hubby, my househelp, relatives and friends, I still felt too overwhelmed. I was constantly worn out and felt like a robot, just going through the day routinely without having the time or energy to do anything outside of baby.

But come the second month, things got better as Kitty began settling to life outside the womb. His colic ended, his sleeping patterns became abit more established and we now both sleep well at night. Kitty also began latching on well to the breast (thus no cracked and sore nipples), and we were both happy. Life has really been good this month, no complaints at all. It is in this month that I’ve gotten to appreciate some of the things about motherhood, things that I wasn’t able to in the first month when things seemed pretty blue and when I didn’t have a moment of rest.

For starters, his physical features have undergone a transition. In the first month, he was so tiny and almost all his moves were executed in kinda-like slowmotion. His eyes were tiny and looked puffy. Nowadays he moves with a lot of confidence, his eyes and other facial features have taken a definite form. He has grown heavier and taller, forcing me to adjust how I rock him to sleep, as I could previously, with ease, hold him on the palm of my hands and balance him well. Not so anymore because he is now longer than my entire arm. He is today much more heavier, sometimes making my biceps ache. No kidding, I do have biceps nowadays.

So as I look back on the last two months, these are some of the things that I have noted about Kitty that have made the whole motherhood experience so precious, the little things that continue to bring so much joy to my life:

– Whenever I’m trying to burp him, he is always trying to nibble at my chin. Many are the times I end up with lots of saliva or burped milk all over my chin and blouse. At this rate, I will start putting on a bib to protect me clothing.
– Kitty has some interesting hair. It’s soft and thin and scanty, and hasn’t grown an inch since he was born. If anything, I think it has become less.
– When trying to catch my attention or when bored and relaxing, he coos and babbles a lot. The way he moves his tongue, lips, mouth and jaws as he produces exciting sounds whilst punching and kicking in the air make for a lovely sight. Hearing and watching him doing so makes my heart go ga-ga.
– When splurging him with kisses he often gives me a look of “mummy what exactly are you doing?” And when his father attempts to do so too, Kitty always pushes his face away. I guess boys reject murshy-ness from an early age, while we women just looooooooooove it.
– When sleepy, he rubs his eyes nonstop at the same time fighting with his face. Thank God for mittens.
– Kitty is an interesting sight when he’s asleep. Besides sleeping with his mouth open, he sleeps with his eyes half closed. Reminds me of kaka sungura, who, due to his mischief also sleeps with his eyes half open – always on the lookout for who might be coming to seek revenge.
– In the first month, he would smile in his sleep. Each time his mouth broke into a smile, his ears would go up and this would tickle me. But today, Kitty actually smiles and laughs with me – when he is awake. And as he does so, he punches and kicks in the air while producing these little interesting sounds which I think when translated mean “mummy you’re so pretty and I love you so much:-)”.
– In his early days, I would struggle to burp him and when he did, it was a tiny little faint almost inaudible burp. Nowadays he burps with ease, producing a deep and prolonged manly burp. Almost similar to his father’s:-).
– When I hold him upright and he wraps his arms around my neck. Priceless.
– How sweet he always smells, especially after his bath.

There are many other things but these are the ones I can write today. My lesson learnt is that even in the throes of hectic everyday living, there are always one or two things around us that can make our hearts melt with joy. If only we took time to observe and appreciate them.

So happy two-month old birthday Kitty. How time has flown so fast I have no idea. All I can say is that mummy and daddy love you so much, and we look forward to many more of your birthdays. We wish you God’s prosperity in all spheres of your life. xoxo.



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  1. I totally know how it feels. My lil man turned two today too and the feeling is unexplainable. The day i saw his tinny feet, fingers etc wondered how i would manage but i have got the hang of it already and would not trade it for anything else.. Wish Kitty many many happy days, months, years ahead.

  2. before you know it, he will be marking his own homework like someone i know and giving himself smiley faces!! they grow up to fast…. enjoy while he is still little!!


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