Ruth, speaking at a forum.
Ruth, speaking at a forum.

In December 2010, just before I joined Form 4, my relatives made a decision to transfer me to a school in Western province for fear that I would not perform well in my KCSE examinations. I would hear none of it and made serious protests against this. My parents heard me out and when I opened school the following term to start my final year of high school, I decided to approach my high school principal Mrs. Margaret Ruinge and explained my situation to her. I requested her to allow me to stay in school without paying school fees and in return I promised her that I would not score anything less than an A minus in my KCSE.

Mrs. Ruinge was so shocked to hear my proposal since she was very much aware of my lackluster academic performance. During our conversation, she repeatedly asked me her how I would move from D’s and C’s to an A minus in less than 10 months. Even though it appeared to be a far-fetched dream, I assured her that I was determined to beat the odds and would not disappoint her if she gave me the chance.

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A very understanding Mrs. Ruinge believed my words because of the conviction that I myself had, and she allowed me to study through my final year of school in 2011 without paying a single coin. The moment she allowed me to proceed to class and stay on without paying school fees made me even more determined to ensure that I would score nothing less than an A minus. I had to do it. I believed my future depended on that. Besides, I knew that my parents had done all that they could so the reality was that it all depended on me. I had to excel in my studies and I put in triple the effort. Well, when the KCSE results came out, I had scored an A minus!

Ruth and other young women at the High Level Youth Leaders meeting with His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta last year.

It was again through Mrs. Ruinge who was a total believer in my dreams to be an advocate that I was able to secure a full scholarship to study Law at Strathmore University, where I am today.

I must say that my parents have always urged me on, telling me that I can be whatever I dream to be, and I will forever be grateful to them. I would like to encourage all parents today to believe in their children and always support them. Further, they should instill self-confidence in them, enough for the children to believe that they can speak up for themselves and believe that they can waver through the different storms in life that will come their way.

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Ruth addressing her peers at Strathmore University.
Ruth addressing her peers at Strathmore University.

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