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Will My Feet Go Back to Their Normal Size?


Hello’s, it’s been quite the minute since I posted something … but I’m now back. Ohh how I have missed blogging! I am very delighted to  be back :) . Anyways hope you’ve been keeping well.

Now, baby Ello is now 2 and a half months old, and I’ll soon be getting up and about, meaning I’ll be leaving both the house and him during the day. And ofcourse Kitty :( . Aside from that, I have noticed that there is a slight problem – with me, not with baby/ies.

I tried fitting into my shoes the other day and I was taken aback. Them shoes have shrunk! Either that or it’s my feet that have expanded and elongated themselves.

This is surprising because I didn’t experience this after I got Kitty. When I was pregnant with him, my feet swelled right from month one (not heavy swelling, just small small swelling but swelling all the same). After I delivered him, they remained swollen for about a week before returning to their normal size.

With Ello, my feet never swelled – not even once throughout the pregnancy. But then after I delivered – they swelled so much, like worryingly much for about three weeks. I was shocked by this, and actually more panicked than shocked and I kept checking my blood pressure fearing perhaps it was preeclampsia (which can also happen up to six weeks after giving birth). My blood pressure thankfully was always ok, and my doctor’s assurance kept me calm.

So after the three weeks, they gradually went back to normal size. Okay I thought they were normal size until I tried out my ‘going out of the house’ shoes yesterday. The shoes just don’t fit! Either my heel is protruding from the back, or my toes are protruding from the front. I’m not one of those ladies you’ll see walking around town with either of those looks. I hate that. But why are my feet still a size bigger almost three months after pregnancy? And most importantly, will they go back to their normal size? Heee, they better because does this mean that I have to invest in new pairs of shoes all over again? That budget will come from where now and the way the price of milk has gone up? Asiiii! :(

Any other mom experienced this?



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  1. Hahahaha… yes i am laughing at you. To console you, i have heard of many women whose feet moved a size up after birth so don’t worry… just embrace your new size (3…right? haha) Kisses to Ello & Kitty

  2. Hi Maryanne welcome to the world of bigger shoes. I have gone through this twice now with both my babies. I was a size 4. Now im officially a size 5 two years later so I guess there are no chances that my feet will shrink back 🙂

  3. Haiya, mine expanded twice with my first and third pregnancies. I was originally a size 5 now am officially a size 7! Amongst the many other things that expanded, elongated and drooped…wahhh!

  4. Oh my that is scary… with Nikki I could put on size 4 or 5. Now that I’m expecting baby 2 my shoe size has shot up to 6&7. please please tell me the feet shrink back… at least a bit. :'(


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